who earns minimum wage in alberta? about 100,000 more people than before

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The driver of the stove-
Cleaning business.
Assistant to the fertility clinic.
Welcome to the laser-tag arena.
These are some of the job vacancies in Alberta that currently offer the minimum wage: $13. 60 per hour.
The successful applicant will be with about 133,000 other Albertans and will be paid the lowest hourly rate.
Together, they account for about 7% of employees in the province.
But that\'s not always the case.
Not long ago, lowest-
There are even fewer wage jobs.
There are only 34,000 peopleor roughly 1.
8% of Alberta employees
A statutory minimum income of $9 was obtained.
2013 75 hours per hour
The minimum wage is rising, but its purpose is still being debated. The reason why more people are getting the minimum wage now is that the minimum wage has been growing steadily.
With its rise, it has swept through thousands of people who used to earn slightly above the threshold in the lowest income categorywage earners.
In 2015, the newly elected democratic government officially launched a plan to raise the minimum wage at an unprecedented rate in the province.
The unemployment rate in Alberta is the lowest in the country.
When the plan ends in October, it will be the highest, $15 per hour.
Some describe this major shift as an experiment.
In fact, the whole set of effects will not be known for a period of time.
Economists are still studying the effects of employment and consumer prices.
As we all know, the increase in wages has greatly increased the wages of tens of thousands of Albertans.
For some of us, a dollar or two per hour may not sound quite the same, but for others it is the difference between living above or below the poverty line.
Who are these people?
Not necessarily the one you think.
Who works for the lowest wageThere has a stereotype, the lowest-
Wage work is usually provided for teenagers and students in their early 20 s who still live with their parents.
However, according to Statistics Canada for CBC News, only about 31 people in Alberta last year received the minimum wage.
A larger proportion of people receive the minimum wage as the sole breadwinner in the family or as a spouse in a dual family
Family income.
In these types of living environments, 7 of 10 Alberta people work full time --
The data shows that there were wage jobs last year.
They are less than 40 years old on average. Two-
A woman in her thirties.
About half are immigrants.
Nearly 3 out of 10 received a bachelor\'s degreeor higher.
Fox e Fox belongs to the last category.
She is 36 years old and has a college education and is a freelance writer.
But her main source of income is alcohol and services.
Work has always been a \"back-up\" for her, she said \".
In addition to the university degree, Fox has recently completed additional studies
Secondary training in journalism.
But she has been struggling to find a consistent job in the industry.
To break even, she works at two bars in Calgary for as much time as possible.
\"I work 60 hours a week if I\'m lucky,\" she said . \". \"I work non-
Stop so my head can stay on the water.
But it was also to compensate for the quiet weeks, it was dead, for the long week everyone was out of town and I was sent home after an hour of shift.
\"It\'s a common experience,\" says Momentum Davis of Calgary --
Charities that help low-income people through fund management and career development.
She said that 32 of those who worked with charities last year received a bachelor\'s degree, and 61 received at least some degree of post-
Secondary education.
\"The problem of underemployment is really big,\" Davis said . \".
\"We need to pay more attention to it.
\"Survival work\" David says many people who work for the minimum wage see their position as \"survival work\" and hope they are only temporary.
\"They are really looking for the next economic opportunity, and they really want to contribute to the tax base, the family, and of course the economy in a more meaningful way.
\"There\'s Jorden Dye on that ship.
At the age of 27, he was a little older than many of his classmates at Mount Royal University.
He has a business degree of one year left, and he hopes to bring better job opportunities.
At the same time, he works as much as possible as a chef --
Dishwasher sometimes.
Minimum wage.
He lives with his father, however, his income is barely able to cover his expenses, and there is hardly anything that can be used to pay for basic luxuries, such as going out for the night with friends.
\"I don\'t have a personal life,\" said Dye . \".
\"I think this is the biggest thing.
Like, I avoided most of my friends because I\'m the only one at school at the moment and everything you want to do when you\'re 27 involves money.
\"The new labor legislation has put a burden on businesses in Alberta, which is not ideal, but not forever,\" Chambers said.
For others, however, these types of \"survival jobs\" are by no means short-term.
The minimum limit is about 42-
According to the data regularly monitored by the province, the working class has worked in their jobs for one to five years.
For more than five years, another 16 percentage points have been at this level.
Living on such a level of income for so long can be difficult.
But, to some extent, it becomes easier and easier.
Compared to past inflation, the minimum wage in Alberta reached its highest level in last October, when it reached $13. 60 per hour.
In actual dollars, this is more than the province has paid since the introduction of the standard minimum wage in all regions in 1966. (
Prior to this, the ratio of urban centres to rural areas was different. )
To see how things have changed, and to see how much the minimum wage has changed over the past 50 years when you have converted everything into something modernday dollars.
As you can see in the chart above, the recent run
Up continues the trend of the beginning of the millennium.
This upward trend is contrary to the situation in the previous 20 years, as inflation exceeds any increase in the minimum wage.
In the 1980 and 1990 s, Alberta had the lowest purchasing power
Wage workers were steadily eaten.
Recent growth has also made Alberta more in line with the national average in terms of the proportion of workers earning the minimum wage.
You can see how this changed in the interactive diagram below.
Click the button to see how the minimum ratio is-
Wage income varies by year in each province :(
Can\'t see the picture?
Click here to see the version that should be used with your mobile device. )
Alberta\'s latest $12 jump ticket40 to $13. 60 anhour (
Effective October)
Enough to lift up-
Ian Hersey, research manager at the University of Alberta\'s parklands Institute, said time workers did not exceed the poverty line.
Single parents, however, may still be below this standard, depending on how many children they have.
But no matter how you cut it, saysHussey, at least-
In the past few years, there has been a \"substantial increase\" in wages for wage workers \".
\"Most of this has not been recovered because Alberta has the highest individual income tax exemption in the country.
\"Analysis | income tax in Alberta is\" good \"for the poor and the rich, but for those in between, getting an hourly raise is good.
But there may also be drawbacks if that means you have less time.
Or not a few hours at all.
Minimum or no work critic in Alberta-
Wage increases warn that an increase in wage costs will prompt employers to fire employees or force some businesses to shut down stores altogether.
There have been many warnings in this regard, and some have even predicted the loss of work in one of the tens of thousands of parts of the province because of the lowestwage increases.
However, researchers who have been focusing on employment data say there is no evidence of the date of this serious decline.
But one thing Fox noticed in his work as a bartender and waiter was that employers were reducing working hours to cope with the increase in wage costs.
\"You will notice a lot of restaurants and bars, especially thosebones staff.
The restaurant owner said that the increase in the minimum wage has driven up the price of the menu, and customers seem to have reduced the tip as well, and some have made it clear that the new minimum wage is the reason.
\"I did hear a lot,\" Fox said . \".
\"There\'s a lot of complaints about NDP and Rachel Notley, or just saying, \'I don\'t need to mention too much now because you\'re making more.
\"Overall, Fox believes that when the minimum wage increase is compared to the decrease in working hours and the decrease in tips, she won\'t be ahead any more.
Dye has different experiences, however.
As a front-line chef, Dye\'s income comes more from his salary than a small portion of the restaurant tips he receives, so he says the growth is more obvious.
Life hasn\'t changed, but he said it added $1 last year.
Still, 20 per hour is helpful.
Nevertheless, it does not change a fundamental aspect of minimum wage living.
\"You just keep thinking about money,\" he said . \"
\"Whether you want it or not, it\'s the number one factor in your life.
He said that in his case, there is a special expectation for the next growth, which will end the three in Alberta-
The national minimum wage is from the lowest to the highest one year. Come Oct.
Interest rates will rise by another $1.
$40 to $15 per hour.
\"When you split the count, you get about $1,000 every two weeks,\" Dye said . \".
\"$2,000 a month, which is breathing space for a lot of people I know.
\"Calgary: Aheadis CBC The Road to Calgary in the face of the severe test of the recession, pay special attention to our city: the challenges we face, when we explore what kind of Calgary we want to create, possible solutions. Have an idea?
Email us atcalgarytheroadahead @ full blood count. ca.
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