Laser line level

The laser level is a control tool consisting of a laser beam projector that can be affixed to a tripod in surveying and construction. The tool is leveled according to the accuracy of the device and projects a fixed red or green beam about the horizontal and/or vertical axis. We have different types of laser level 1V1H without Dot, 1V1H with 2 Dot, 1V1H with 5 Dots, 3 Dots without line.

The laser level use for engineering construction, decoration design, warehouse logistics, house DIY use, home decoration, spatial orientation, production activity that any job requires a long straight line or a long straight level line etc. Rubust over-molded housing, ultra bright laser beams, allows all possible applications, IP54-water/debris resistan, full-time pulse mode allows use with detector, central locking mechanism helps protect internals, also allows use of laser tool's manual mode.You can choose Green line or Red line, green line will be more powerful when outdoor use.

Indoor Applications of Laser Levels from Measure: Align and plumb your walls;Leveling floors;Attach your laser to a wall or ceiling mount for easy drop ceiling installation;Easily check door or window heights;Installing drop ceilings; Install chair rails and wainscoting in your home; Align shelves, cabinets and trim; Use a tripod for easy installation and alignment of cabinets, chair rails.
Outdoor Applications of Laser Levels:Any type of basic surveys;Lasers easily check and level posts and beams on decks, fences and porches;Masonry alignment;Site layout;Easily check land ; elevations; Lasers with a slope capability can set grade for proper drainage and irrigation; Align fences, posts and decks; Establishing grades; Contour farming or drainage.


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