Which safety rules do you need to follow to use a laser rangefinder?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-20
The following safety instructions must be carefully read and observed when handling and operating the laser rangefinder. Impact of laser radiation on human body: except maintenance personnel, authorized personnel or designated personnel, no one else has the right to open and maintain the laser rangefinder. Please note that there is high pressure and laser radiation inside the laser rangefinder. Operating procedures must be followed, and violations may lead to damage to maintenance personnel and measuring equipment. In any case, it can only be handled by DC 10-30 volt power supply. To ensure maximum system performance, please strictly observe the following rules: l when there is fog or stain on the optical element, do not remove the laser rangefinder l do not touch the laser rangefinder optical element l with hands be careful when removing dust or oil from the optical components. L to prevent the sensor from overheating, do not place the laser rangefinder in a car exposed to direct sunlight. Maintenance of laser rangefinder: 1 be sure to check the appearance of the instrument and remove dust, grease, mold, etc. from the surface. 2 when cleaning eyepiece, objective lens or laser emission window, please use soft dry cloth. It is strictly prohibited to use hard objects to avoid damaging optical performance. 3 laser rangefinder is a high precision instrument integrating light, machine and electricity. Should be handled carefully, do not squeeze or fall from a high place, so as not to damage the instrument.
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