What is the safety standard for laser measuring instruments?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-22
With the development of laser technology, laser ranging sensors have become more and more common in production and life. Laser ranging sensor has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and fast measurement speed, and can be applied to various high-precision measurements. However, when we choose the laser ranging module, we should also pay attention to the type of laser, whether it will cause harm to the human body. The following are some standards for laser classification. Laser classification Class I: not regarded as dangerous goods. Class IIa: This class is classified as 400 to 710 nm visible light band laser, at a fixed time (1, 000 seconds) Internal observation is not dangerous, but chronic observation exceeding 1,000 seconds is judged as dangerous. Class II: This type of laser is classified as 400 to 710 nm visible light band, and chronic long-time Beam observation is judged as dangerous. In general, this class can react through the aversion of the eye (Blink)To protect long-term observation from harm. Class IIIa: although it depends on the radiation level, both chronic and instantaneous laser observation are dangerous. It is also dangerous to observe the laser directly with optical instruments. Class IIIb: even if it is an instant, laser direct exposure to skin or eyes can cause danger. Class IV: even if it is an instant, laser direct exposure to the skin or eyes can cause danger, and its diffuse reflected light can also cause harm to the skin and eyes. Zhuhai Measure Science and Technology Co. , Ltd. , Mainly to research and develop laser ranging module, ranging sensor module, with industry hardware, software, optics, structure, development team combination, strategic partner supply chain ST, TI, LightPath, and other cooperation, the company's operation mode oem odm laser ranging module, ranging module range from 30 meters-300 m full series, measurement accuracy 1. 5mm, no blind area in full range. Adopting the working principle of double-emission laser, and successfully solving: weak signal blind area caused by optical receiving angle, temperature drift error of ambient temperature change, measurement difference of reflection surface of black and white objects, technical problems in laser ranging industry such as measurement stability accuracy under strong light.
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