What is the safety of laser rangefinder?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-19
As the name implies, laser rangefinder uses laser as the main working substance for work. At present, the working materials of hand-held laser rangefinder in the market mainly include: Semiconductor lasers with working wavelengths of 905 nm and 1540 nm, and YAG lasers with working wavelengths of 1064 nm. 1064 nm wavelength is harmful to human skin and eyes, especially if the eyes accidentally come into contact with 1064 nm wavelength laser, the possible damage to eyes will be great. Therefore, in foreign countries, 1064 nm laser has been completely banned for hand-held laser rangefinders. In China, some manufacturers also produce 1064 nm laser rangefinders. For 905 nm and 1540 nm laser rangefinders, we call them 'safe '. For 1064 nm laser rangefinder, we call it 'unsafe' because it has potential harm to human body. The laser ranging sensor uses a monochromatic light source, and the energy of the laser is very concentrated to incident the pulsed laser beam. Therefore, do not use your eyes to look directly at the emission port, and do not use the aiming telescope to observe the smooth reflection surface, so as not to hurt people's eyes. Therefore, the operator must operate the measurement according to the safety specifications in the manual. During on-site measurement, do not point the emission port of the instrument to the sun to avoid burning the photosensitive elements of the instrument.
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