What is the development trend of laser rangefinder?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-20
In the long history of remote measurement technology development. The earliest people used contact measuring room to measure distance, but its application range is very narrow, which limits its development. During the Second World War, the demand for measurement and positioning of air targets promoted the rapid development of electromagnetic wave non-contact measurement technology represented by radar. Laser rangefinder is developing towards safe measurement, high measurement accuracy, low system energy consumption and small size. Laser ranging technology mainly has three development directions: first, the expansion of application fields, such as the combination of measurement system and scanning mechanism to form a laser three-dimensional shape mapping system or laser radar; The second is to study how to improve the accuracy of the measurement range of the laser ranging system in the process of ensuring measurement; The third is the use of laser rangefinder for human eye safety display, strong vitality is replacing the old laser rangefinder. At present, laser rangefinder has been applied to aviation, military, satellite, industry and other fields, and its development prospect is considerable.
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