What is the current situation of laser rangefinder?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-20
This is an era of rapid technological development, and people's lives are increasingly dependent on scientific and technological achievements. Take laser rangefinder as an example. In the past, people used tape measures, dropped lines, measurements, etc. Now they only need to press a button on the small laser rangefinder. Moreover, the laser rangefinder is more accurate and smaller than the traditional measurement method. Light weight and easy to carry. Due to its wide application range, the development of laser rangefinder is unstoppable. Laser rangefinders on the market now include: pulse laser rangefinders and phase laser rangefinders. Although they are used to measure distance, they all have their own advantages. Among them, the pulse laser range finder has wide measuring range and small precision; However, the phase laser rangefinder has small measurement range and high precision. Millimeter level. Among them, the application fields of pulse laser ranging are also more and more extensive, such as topographic survey, tactical frontier ranging, missile Orbit tracking and satellite, and ground-to-month distance measurement. The ranging method of pulsed laser is that the duration of the laser pulse is very short, the energy is relatively concentrated, and the instantaneous power is very large. In the case of cooperative targets, the ranging of pulsed laser can reach a very far measuring range; If only the weak reflection signal obtained by the target target to the pulsed laser is obtained, the distance can also be measured. Therefore, the ranging method of pulsed laser is widely used. Now briefly explain the working principle of the pulse laser range finder: the laser emitted by the range finder is received by the range finder after the object is reflected, and the range finder also records the laser. Half of the product of time, light speed and round trip time is the distance between the rangefinder and the object to be measured. The ranging accuracy of pulse type laser range finder is very poor, and the general accuracy can only reach m level. Therefore, in some projects with high precision requirements, it is necessary to use a range finder with laser phase type. However, for long-distance measurement, the measurement error is very high, and the measurement error of one or two meters is already very accurate.
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