What is the application prospect of laser ranging sensor in automobile safety alarm industry?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-19
Human beings do not have wings that can fly in the sky like birds, nor do they have the speed of natural running like lions and leopards, but human beings have intelligent brains. With the help of cars and planes invented by smart people, they can surpass leopards and birds. But the pros and cons always come with it. Since the 21st century, the rapid development of the automobile industry is inseparable from the demand for automobiles. The increase in per capita car ownership is accompanied by traffic accidents. When the car encountered safety hazards, there is no device to remind me, the answer is yes. The laser ranging sensor and the two-degree-of-freedom PTZ system are controlled by the single chip microcomputer to realize full-range dynamic scanning in the horizontal and vertical directions, and to monitor the distance between the target vehicle and the surrounding environment in real time. When the distance between the vehicle entering the laser ranging measurement field and the target vehicle reaches the set safety threshold, a sound and visual alarm will be issued to remind the driver to adjust the driving route of the vehicle in time, and carry out corresponding avoidance and other treatment. A new method is provided for realizing high precision automobile collision avoidance system. The laser ranging sensor is used to detect whether the distance or problem between the vehicle and other vehicles is within a safe range. This technology fully proves the advantages of laser ranging sensors. Laser ranging sensors can send out analog models, digital models and switch values. Signal, fully meet the requirements of transmission quotation signal design.
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