What is the application of laser rangefinder in engineering tower crane?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-19
Speed makes the distance between cities and countries smaller and smaller, and distance is no longer an obstacle to human communication. However, in some special occasions, distance measurement is still a difficult problem. Tower crane is a common mechanical equipment in the construction industry. Tower crane is a kind of large mechanical equipment, which plays an irreplaceable role in the construction process. Tower cranes are called tower cranes. As a kind of machine that can transport materials vertically and horizontally, tower crane has been widely used in the construction industry, especially because of its high lifting height, large lifting weight and large working range. Any kind of product has its shortcomings and deficiencies, only after time and time again to improve, it is more suitable for us to use. The tower crane is a tower crane structure. This kind of mechanism is relatively large and accompanied by aerial work, which is prone to tower crane tipping accidents. These accidents not only affect the construction progress, but also bring huge loss of life and property to the country and the people. Laser rangefinders must be used to detect them. Recently, the central government has also issued official documents, tower crane equipment must be equipped with qualified testing equipment to pass the test. Although tower crane has the disadvantage of easy tipping, its strong bearing capacity is still recognized by the construction industry. Laser rangefinder is a common and stable distance detection equipment. Installing a laser rangefinder on the tower crane arm can effectively prevent the tower crane from overturning. The scheme has been recognized by the construction site and has been widely used.
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