What are the requirements for the installation of laser rangefinder?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-20
Laser rangefinder is usually installed in the field, the field environment temperature is relatively high, the environment is relatively complex. Therefore, when installing the laser rangefinder on the spot, the corresponding water-cooled protective cover should be equipped to ensure the stability of the laser measurement and prolong the laser life. In general, the working temperature of the laser is lower than 50 ° C, if it is higher than 50 ° C, the laser will not reflect the data, and sometimes the laser spot will be extinguished. Outside, if the line connected to the laser rangefinder is exposed outside for a long time, it is easy to be weathered. The line connected to the laser should be protected by the external iron pipe to prevent the line from being exposed to the sun and weathering, and the line that can pass through the line slot should pass through the line slot as far as possible. Indoors, if the laser rangefinder is installed in such a harsh environment as the steel plant, the laser line can not be exposed to the outside, and it is likely to be damaged by the high temperature blank. Be sure to clean the laser lens, because if the laser lens is dirty, it will cause the laser data to jump. If there is clean compressed air on site, the laser can also be turned on.
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