What are the different classifications of laser ranging sensors?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-20
Laser ranging sensors are divided into two categories: triangulation and time of flight. Time-of-flight laser ranging can be divided into three types: Pulse Laser Ranging, phase-based laser ranging and interferometric laser ranging. 1. Pulse laser ranging pulse laser ranging sensor technology takes advantage of the relatively concentrated characteristics of laser pulse energy in time, and the instantaneous power is very large (Usually up to Watts). In the case of cooperative targets, pulse laser ranging can realize edge measurement, and general pulse laser ranging sensors can measure distances of tens or even tens of thousands of kilometers, achieve measurement accuracy of more than 10 cm. When performing a short range from a few kilometers to tens of kilometers, even if the cooperative target is not used, the distance measurement can be performed only by using the measurement target to diffuse the signal to the pulse tube. The disadvantage is that the absolute ranging accuracy is not very high. 2. Phase Laser Ranging Phase laser ranging sensor uses a high frequency sinusoidal signal with a fixed frequency to continuously modulate the luminous intensity of the laser source, and measures the phase delay generated by the modulated laser back and forth once. The measured distance is calculated by phase delay. Phase-based ranging is to indirectly measure the signal propagation time by measuring the phase delay generated by continuous amplitude modulation signals propagating back and forth on the distance to be measured, thus obtaining the measured distance. The method has high measurement accuracy, usually on the order of millimeters. 3. The interference laser ranging interference ranging method is also a kind of phase ranging, and its difference from the general phase ranging method is that it does not measure the distance by measuring the phase of the laser modulation signal, instead, distance is measured by measuring interference fringe changes. The laser itself.
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