watch an autonomous drone dodge thrown objects

by:UMeasure     2020-03-31
Drones are small flyers of agility, but a blow and their fragile structure roll over to the ground.
Therefore, a team of researchers decided to build an unmanned aircraft capable of independently avoiding dynamic obstacles.
According to The Verge, researchers at The University of Zurich want to study The perceived delay of The drone and its impact on The maximum speed of The robot in order to \"safely navigate in unknown clutter \".
\"The desired end result is the ability to give the drone a destination and then allow it to cross the environment full of unknown objects at the fastest possible speed while still ensuring that no collisions will occur.
Testing their research involves throwing a ball at a hovering drone to see if it can respond in a timely manner: as you would expect, the speed of the drone depends on its sensor range and the maximum speed/acceleration it can achieve.
The best setting is a sensor range that can use the highest speed of the drone when it is necessary to avoid obstacles.
The research team believes that this is the first time that the maximum acceleration is considered when considering the high performance of the robot.
Fast navigation.
Avoiding dynamic objects is not something commercial drones can do today, and I\'m sure many will agree that this is actually a good thing.
If drones are able to avoid themselves, it will be harder for law enforcement to shoot them down when they enter the air space of the airport.
When robots inevitably try to control, and we try to shoot thousands of drones from the sky without success, that\'s not a good sign.
The article was originally on PCMag. com.
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