volvo \"city safety\" to eliminate whiplash

by:UMeasure     2020-04-01
Volvo won the \"Traffic Safety Achievement Award\" at the World Traffic Safety seminar in New York \".
One of the main safety features that won many accolades is the urban safety system developed by Volvo.
The system is designed to prevent low
The most common speed collision in urban traffic.
Volvo has high hopes that the system will eliminate the whip.
\"Urban Safety is another example of Volvo using real-world traffic conditions to develop accident prevention solutions.
It is very gratifying that we are now receiving this prestigious award, \"said Jonas mark, head of preventive safety at Volvo Car Safety Center. Rear-
At relatively low speeds, end collisions are the most common cause of whiplash injuries.
The city security system is designed to prevent Volvo drivers from hitting the rear of the car in front of them.
The system will also work with other cars to detect other potential hazards such as pedestrians.
The system uses the senses to monitor the traffic ahead.
The upper part of the windshield is the same as the height of the rearview mirror, with a laser sensor built in.
It can detect vehicles or personnel 6 metres in front of the front bumper of the car.
Urban safety is programmed to react to things that are still in front or in the same direction as the car itself.
Based on the distance from the object ahead and the speed of the car itself, the system performs 50 calculations per second to determine the braking speed required to avoid a collision.
If, in the absence of a driver\'s response, the calculated braking force exceeds a given level, it interprets this as an imminent danger of collision.
City Safety then helps avoid or reduce the consequences of a collision by preparing the car to brake or automatically brake and disabling the throttle.
If the car is approaching a pedestrian, the head of the windshield will light up the red warning light first-
An up display and warning signal will be issued.
This helps the driver to respond, and accidents can be avoided in most cases.
If the risk of a collision increases further, the auxiliary emergency brake is activated to provide more pressure when braking.
If the driver does not have a brake and a collision is imminent, the brake of the car will be activated immediately.
The system is an ideal system designed for low speed activity, and although it has the ability to reduce the speed of the car by about 15 miles/hour, it will not be able to prevent collisions at a higher speed.
Urban Safety has the same limitations as all optical systems, as the detection capability may be limited by fog, snow or heavy rain.
Therefore, it is necessary to keep the windshield free of dirt, ice or snow.
If the sensor is blocked, it is recommended that the driver clean the area through the information display of the car.
The system works just as well during the day and at night.
\"It is important to emphasize that the system does not mitigate the responsibility of drivers to maintain a safe distance in order to avoid collisions.
The automatic braking system does not respond until it is thought that the collision is imminent.
So the system helps to limit or in some cases avoid the consequences of an imminent collision, \"said Jonas Ekmark.
It is reported that the accident occurred below 30 kilometers per hour, and many accidents below 20 kilometers per hour were not reported to insurance companies. This new technology can prevent many accidents.
Urban safety is only part of Volvo\'s new technology development in the next generation of car safety measures.
Next is the anti-collision steering of the car steering.
Automatic Steering Collision avoidance is a further development of lane departure warning, which uses a camera to monitor the position of the car between Lane marks.
If a car passes through any lane marking without using an indicator, the driver is warned by a sound signal.
Avoiding Collisions through automatic steering is very advanced.
The system is designed to help prevent frontal collisions caused by temporary distractions by using cameras and radar to monitor the location of the car itself and oncoming traffic.
If the car is about to enter the wrong lane and the system detects that the oncoming vehicle is in the process of a collision, the car automatically turns to a safe position on the original Lane.
High requirements for reliability mean that Volvo experts are still evaluating the extent to which steering wheel intervention is relevant and the exact speed range at which the system can operate.
If it all sounds like something in the future movie \"My Robot\", then Volvo\'s next big project will further develop cars that communicate with each other.
Cars that can communicate with other vehicles and the surrounding traffic environment should enhance the potential for safe driving and reducing traffic accidents.
In order to communicate work, it is necessary to have a standard \"language\" that makes it possible for all vehicles to talk to each other regardless of the brand.
Several international projects are currently working to promote this normalization.
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