the verju green laser: non-invasive cellulite and fat reduction!

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Is it possible-
Real fat reduction, and a real hassle in the fat build-up of a major loss through a simple, completely No.
Invasive, 100% painless, convenient for office treatment?
The short answer is yes!
The long answer should start with a very brief review of how all this happened.
Zerona is a medical device that was publicly used about five years ago.
It\'s a low-level laser treatment (LLLT)
Use a familiar red device (635 nm)surface laser -a so-
Called \"cold\" laser
When it shines on the surface of the skin, no heat and burning will be generated (i. e.
Completely non
Invasive, completely painless).
However, the laser energy passes through the skin innocently and is absorbed by the fat cells below, \"cheating\" them to melt themselves!
Based on more than 15 years of research and 20 peer-reviewed medical journal articles proving their effectiveness, Zerona received FDA 510 (k)
Between 2010 and 2013
Invasive reduction in arms, waist, hips and thigh weeks through fat reduction. Follow-
The Up study has replicated a significant reduction in perimeter (such as a 3.
5-inch total loss. 0.
Placebo is 6 inch! )
A complete course of treatment (
It\'s usually a series of 5-
6 treatments)
The result was recorded as a long-term persistence for at least a year!
This is not a temporary \"redistribution\" of fat or a temporary reduction in tissue fluid.
The study was conducted with the consent of the participants not to change diet, not to change activity or exercise levels, and there was no adjuvant therapy on board to be able to see the real results due to the separate treatment of Zerona LLLT.
It is often noted that results can be seen in just two weeks!
Consider the loss 3.
The 5 total inches seen in the study subjects are equivalent to a loss of about 12,600 calories!
Equivalent to 42 cheese burgers or 72 boxes of ice cream!
12,600 calories represent a loss of approximately 2000cc (that\'s 4 -5 pounds! )of pure fat!
If a person is exercising in order to consume so many calories, then it is OK to swim for 40 hours, jog for 18 hours, or tennis for 21 hours!
Low intensity laser therapy (LLLT)
Causes the short-term fat in the fat to drain the pores open (adipose)
Cells under the skin
No necrosis, no heat damage, no cell destruction, destruction or cracking.
Fat liquefaction is stimulated and the stored fat is slow but will definitely leak out.
All affected cells drain fat and fat cells start to collapse and shrink as fat cells become more empty.
These laser-stimulated leaking pores remain open for about 48 hours or more, resulting in some 2-
3 days after treatmentA well-
Known natural enzymes
Like a compound of the body. cyclic AMP -
Is the key to all this.
Laser absorption causes this enzyme switch to turn on, causing something called the activation of the pigment C enzyme, and then opening all pores directly.
This is the same exact mechanism triggered by active diet or exercise!
Microscopic histological studies after treatment show that pores open!
After that, we can see and track fat cells.
Thousands of people
When the lipid was released, all the fat collapsed and contracted, followed by a 25% reduction in the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer. Dr.
Rodrigo Neira\'s study shows that the pores open only 18 minutes after the skin is exposed to LLLT, and the fat cells start to empty themselves!
He also pointed out that although fat cells empty their contents, these cells are still alive and undamaged.
Fat cells are involved in the production/regulation of hormones and many other important body functions.
We don\'t want them killed or gone, we just want them to be as small as possible and empty their fat store as much as possible! Dr.
Other researchers have independently confirmed the results of Neira\'s study.
MRI shows fat emulsion (
Melt/drain fat)as deep as 5. 0 cm (2-3 inches)under the skin.
Have you ever heard of Marvel superhero \"Green Lantern?
Well, we have named the verj device our superhero \"green laser\" as verj is the next step in this amazing breakthrough
Invasive Fat melting technology!
Green laser uses unique green (532nm)low level (16mW)
Diode laser, produces as much discomfort on your skin as a flashlight (i. e. none! ).
Verj ã ° provides fat cells with a hole opening, fat of about 25% + than any red laserEven in Zerona. .
This means that the total treatment time required to obtain results in Zerona is reduced.
In a 2014 study reported in the famous American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, in just two weeks you can see the total inches of 4 perimeter reductions!
The study also showed that one 0.
25 inch to 1 inch less with just one treatment!
Only patients with significant late stage fat mass (Nurnburger-
2 or 3 stages)
Part of the fat mass involved in this study.
These patients showed a significant improvement in their fat mass at 2 weeks 65% (vs.
The placebo group improved by 3%! )
Satisfaction rate is 89% in 4 weeks (vs.
Satisfaction rate of placebo group 26%).
Verj ° has no known side effects.
The green laser does not damage any tissue.
Patients can continue all their typical daily activities without interrupting I. e.
No downtime or recovery period of any kind!
How does the green laser work?
When you relax, check your email or watch a movie on a comfortable table/bed, and the computer-controlled 5 green laser modes dance innocently on your skin, absorb the fat and fat mass below.
As the fat melts and the fat mass decreases, your waist, abdomen, hips and thighs begin to contract.
The treatment time is about 30 minutes.
Read, sleep, talk on your iPhone
You can do whatever you like when you lie there and work.
After that, electric lymphatic massage is performed on each area to help absorb and process dissolved lipids and fats.
These lipids are treated in the same way that all lipids are usually treated and delivered to the liver by your body\'s lymphatic system
It eventually burns into carbon dioxide.
Yes, you will really suck your fat away!
No pain, no fever, no freezing, no discomfort, no needles, no injections, no cuts.
Zero pain, zero surgery, zero downtime.
Continue your daily life immediately after treatment.
While there is no need to change your diet or exercise, it is highly recommended that you also optimize these in order to get the best results and best interests.
Where can Verj go to improve the fat mass and reduce the fat for you? The stomach(abdomen)
, Back/side, hips, thighs, hips, love handles, hips, arms and fat balls almost anywhere!
These days, more and more exciting news about the verj laser green laser has emerged.
It is a hormone released by fat cells.
It stimulates hunger and increases appetite.
A preliminary study of the levels of insulin after the contraction of Verj Vivo green laser fat cells suggests that these levels are reduced!
Other ongoing studies have shown that real and measurable declines in cholesterol, triacid Ganter, and low-density cholesterol levels have occurred after a series of verj aqua green laser treatments!
What news is more interesting for diabetics than better Hgb A1
C levels and better glucose levels are seen after verj aqua green laser treatment of fat mass and fat reduction!
510 green laser (k)
FDA in January 2014 approved the non-
Decreased invasive fat mass and non-
Invasive Fat in the waist, hips and thighs reduces the body profile.
On May 2014, verj laser Green appeared on the \"doctor\" TV program.
So far verj is the only one
The FDA has approved invasive devices for the treatment of fat masses.
The harmless and elegant nature of the green laser seems to be a great, not at all
Invasive ways to reduce excess fat and reduce the presence of fat masses!
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