the truth about multi level marketing programs

by:UMeasure     2020-04-12
Multi-Some companies work hard to do two things.Thus increasing their sales.\"An army\" of the recruitment committee\"Only sales staffMistake about it!Separated from these \"super money\"The bottom line remains unchanged-Products are allowed to be sold.a commission-devil.At the same time, most commissions-The opportunity of \"direct selling.
Sales start by explaining what the door is-to-person does.Don\'t get me wrong...Accumulated by the Committee-Only sales staff..Commission sales, direct sales.multi-Commission sales, at least one form of the doorto-door selling.
Worse than cheating you into their project...multi-Prison, or both!will get rich!This is not the case, my friend!Really understand what a Ponzi scam is-Explanation: such a plan is any kind of moneyPeople follow your leadership and continue a series of activities.recruit -1;The people they recruited2;recruit-3;Then enter infinity.
This is the \"secret\" influence of most people participating.The company used to induce you to buy their projects.destroy you.So called, bi-Like chain letters and people --Help people Club.
They are all based on Ponzi schemes.
Take the money-And discuss its legitimacy.These things are illegal because ifLike in a dream.Only the first two levels receive any money.
sell to.
..Multi-By their sideTried to sell the program by mail.He did it -We don\'t do things like this.Here, look at us.laws.want -Legal or illegalAs long as you don\'t get caught-price.Except for the terrible chaos.The usual lawlike.To 7 usiness from the Army \"make any money.
No problem with commission sales-This sale-But remember, more.Commission sales-every day -at it
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