the phone that could save your life: world\'s first mobile that contains a sensor able to smell indoor air pollutants (and it also has a thermal imaging camera)

by:UMeasure     2020-04-06
The world\'s first smartphone to detect toxic chemicals in the air has been unveiled.
Cat has launched a smartphone called theS61 that can detect the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Common sources of VOCs include paint, solvents, carpets, furniture and cleaning products that are associated with a range of health issues.
Air quality measurement of mobile phones thanks to on-
Sensors from Switzerland
Can smell the sensitive things of particles in the atmosphere.
It also features an integrated thermal imaging camera with enhanced software for greater image contrast and extends the temperature range to 400 °C (752°F).
The price of this mobile phone is 799 (€899 / $999)
, Will be ordered from the company\'s website and retailers around the world in the coming months.
The S61 will be launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 26-3.
It alerts users to high levels of air contaminants and allows them to make decisions in a timely manner, such as opening windows to improve ventilation or rest.
The sensor can also provide humidity and current temperature readings.
It is also equipped with standard camera with withan upgrade, and now it will take pictures in high definition.
Peter Stephens, CEO of Caterpillar global mobile devices licensee Bullitt Group, said in a written statement: we know, among Cat S60 customers, there are 60 customers who use the integrated thermal camera at least once a week.
Improvements in temperature and resolution found in the new Cat S61 will open thermal imaging for more users and use cases.
Packaging with more truly useful trade tools means that no other smartphone can do everything S61 can do.
\"We are very proud of it.
\"The Cat S61 is equipped with laser-assisted distance measurement.
This can be measuredto-
Point distance below 10 m (30 feet)
, Then calculate the area and switch between the measure and the measure.
All data is saved in the image, so alternative measurement estimates or adjustments can be made without returning to the field.
According to construction experts, such features are highly valued by Cat phone customers.
For example, electricians can use thermal imaging to analyze fuse boxes or wiring systems, and laser-assisted distance measurements to estimate how many cables are needed for this work.
If they need further advice from their colleagues, they can also return the results live to the base.
The cat S61 has a Big 5. 2\' (13 cm)
Full HD screen protected by Gorilla Glass 5, optimized for outdoor use.
IP68 is dust-proof and waterproof, up to three metres (ten feet)
Depth of one hour
It was built to fall over and over the concrete of 1. 8m (six feet).
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