the many uses and alternatives for a pulse oximeter

by:UMeasure     2020-04-07
Pulse Oximeter is a health inspection device specially designed to calculate blood oxygen levels.
This is a very easy device that saves a lot of time in the process of going to the doctor to complete it.
The pulse oximeter is mainly connected to one end of the finger and the hemoglobin saturation is calculated and evaluated to meet the normal level usually between 95-100% saturation.
The fingertip pulse oximeter helps to correctly measure the level of oxygen in the blood.
It is also sometimes referred to as personal oxygen meter, finger pulse oximeter, hand-held pulse oximeter and wrist pulse oximeter.
They are all designed to achieve the same purpose, that is, to measure arterial oxygen saturation in homes, hospitals, private physician clinics and alternative care settings.
Now, the cheap fingertip oximeter can be used for home care purposes, as effective as the oximeter used in hospitals, but at a much cheaper price.
They are very easy to use, and their operation is as simple as turning on the power and putting your finger into the pulse oximeter sensor, and the results are displayed on the monitor in a few minutes.
Most pulse oximeters are able to measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate in the blood.
They are critical for patients diagnosed with lung or heart disease, such as those with chronic pulmonary disease (COPD)
And individuals, such as pilots, who suffer from sleep apnea syndrome or participate in high altitude exercise.
The finger pulse oximeter works like a fingertip oximeter, as well as a hand-held pulse oximeter and a wrist pulse oximeter.
The difference is usually the number of patient data that the device can capture, store, and display.
The operation of any of them is the same.
Power on the device and slide a finger into the connected sensor, which will show an accurate reading of oxygen saturation and heart rate in a few minutes.
On the other hand, the wrist pulse oximeter has enough memory to measure and store patient data around the clock.
These types of pulse oximeters can be used not only for regular spot checks, but also for exercise and over-exercise
Night sleep study of doctors or patients monitoring oxygen saturation during different activities (Including Sleep).
The function of the hand-held pulse oximeter is basically the same as that of the fingertip oximeter.
Some are designed to be plugged directly into the computer.
Because of their size, they are not as portable as the fingertip pulse oximeter.
The measurement of arterial liquid oxygen saturation can be achieved not only by inserting the finger into the sensor probe, but also by connecting a probe specifically designed to measure the oxygen saturation of the earlobe blood vessels (
Called ear clip sensor).
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