The emergence of remote laser rangefinder has brought good news to the management of ships

by:UMeasure     2020-04-20
Docking ship management is inseparable from laser rangefinder, but the traditional laser rangefinder needs to set up a launching plate when the measurement distance exceeds 30 meters. It can not be more than 150 measurement, and the traditional laser ranging frequency is fixed, and the frequency is too low, measuring the distance of the moving vessel is very unstable, which makes the dock administrator headache. Remote laser rangefinder effectively makes up for the defects of traditional laser ranging. 1. The ranging range of the remote laser rangefinder can reach 3000, which is enough to measure the distance of any object on the dock. 2. The remote laser rangefinder has high frequency and adjustable frequency of 100 ~ 1000 Hz and 200 Hz ~ 2000 Hz The measurement frequency can be adjusted according to the moving speed of the container, thus effectively solving the distance measurement problem of the container in motion. 3. Various output modes, remote laser rangefinder can realize digital output (RS232/422 optional), Analog output (4. 20mA optional)And digital output (Q1/Q2 output optional)Three.
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