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Lasers, microprocessor and ultrasonic equipment have been incorporated into everyday building tools.
These advances simplify work, such as finding hidden spikes or buried pipes, or setting a grade on the width of the backyard.
Ultrasonic measuring instrument.
These scanners use ultrasonic pulses that work like sonar to bounce back from the wall to the device to measure the distance.
They are not accurate enough to completely replace the tape measure;
Their advantage is a quick estimate of the room size. Built-
In the calculator, you can calculate the square foot or volume.
Due to the width of the ultrasonic pulse, these scanners also do not work for measuring long and narrow distances, such as corridors.
Size Pro 4. 0, by Zircon; $40.
Work to 41 feetProMeasure HC-
800N, Seiko products; $60.
Work up to 50 feet. ProMeasure+ HC-
1000. Seiko Instruments; $80.
Work up to 33 feet.
The conversion calculator allows you to estimate the number of materials required for the project, including air-
Adjustment and heating capacity (BTUs).
Electronic tape measure.
Their latest feature is the ability to save measurement data in the calculator\'s memory and add it together.
The figures of starlet; $35.
The last measurement can be saved in memory. ProTape 16\' HC-
500. Seiko Instruments; $60.
Store and add measurements. SOUPED-
LCD Bolt sensor.
The basic Bolt sensor for detecting wall density changes has been in existence for more than ten years.
Newestversion has a display screen that makes a tone when you pass the sensor on the astud, pallet, pipe or steel bar.
When the bar meets at the show center, you can grab it almost with confidence --or avoiding -
Hidden material
The scanner penetrates concrete, plywood, gypsum board, paneling and flooring. VideoScanner 5. 5, by Zircon; $64.
Electronic level standard electronic level.
The new horizontal uses sound to help you find horizontal or vertical, which is helpful when you can\'t see bubble bottles or electronic readings well. ProLevel HC-
200. Seiko Instruments; $60.
Tones, lights, and bubbles represent levels.
Video holes made of zirconium; $34 to $84.
Some are pre-planned with three common drainage slopes, and some can remember any angle. Water level.
If you need to find the water level around the corner or far away, the water level is your choice.
Until recently, one has to be at both ends of the hose to see when the water level in the guest house has risen. Now, a 95-
1 person to replace the decibel signal sensor;
Set one end of the hose at the height you want to match and adjust the other end until the tone sounds.
The water level is accurate to 50 feet. ElectraLevel 3.
Collect the month with a pro. 0, by Zircon; $34 and $40. The 3.
0 with a hose of 25 feet, 4. 0 with 50 feet. PROFESSIONAL-
Quality level.
Accuracy for long distances (
Up to 100 feet or more)
Consider the laser. The high-
The ultimate capability and price tag of the Alaser level makes it more attractive to contractors than to ordinary homeowners, which the contracting chamber has been using.
But the rental code starts to store the laser level (
$50 to $80 per day).
The beam from the laser is so bright and focused that you can see it in broad daylight except for the largest backyard.
The laser level allows you to mark the reference points used for grading, show you the basic level of the remote structure, and help you draw paths, retaining walls, and more. LaserVision 7. 0, by Zircon; $380.
The display indicates the direction of rotation required to achieve a horizontal vertical or custom slope;
When discoveredOne laser beam.
Through LeveLite technology, SLX2; $499.
Two-beam laser projection 90 [degrees]angle. Pressure level.
Similar to the height meter, the unit measures the level by reading the pressure difference between the base unit and the manual unitheld keypad.
When you use the \"carry\" feature, the range of the device is unlimited.
Compulevel, make; about $700.
With 100 feet wire.
The graphic display and hue represent the level.
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3551 Zircon Company ,(800)245-
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