small, flexible laser marks metal, plastics: challenged to produce a high-contrast, permanent mark on both plastic and metal components without disrupting production, a manufacturer of gasoline handling products employs a self-contained laser-marking unit

by:UMeasure     2020-04-12
While their shelf life is not as short or as obvious as milk deterioration, there are also some defects in many plastic and metal parts.
For example, key components of aircraft, cars, or medical implants will also exceed their effectiveness.
These outdated products are more dangerous to human life than sour milk.
A company that recognizes the problem and solves it in a new way is the OPW refueling component (Cincinnati, OH).
OPW manufactures fuel dispensing nozzles and other suspension hardware for petrol pumps at gas stations, such as emergency disconnect valves and rotating devices.
A lift valve is built into the fuel distribution nozzle, which automatically turns off the fuel flow once the gas tank is full.
Due to wear and abuse, it is recommended to check this equipment on a daily basis.
It is usually replaced every five years.
OPW recommends that the customer check and replace the hardware of the nozzle and suspension and the importance of doing so.
Also, the OPW has started marking the due date (
Usually five years from the date of manufacture)
Use vector marking on each nozzle and hanging hardware part [R]
VMc 1 laser marking system from Trumpf, Inc. (Farmington, CT).
While some models of nozzle handles are made of plastic and other components are made of metal, the Trumpf laser is able to achieve high contrast and deep permanent marking on each nozzle.
Vector marking is a valuable tool for various industrial marking tasks, and it is designed as space-
Efficient, reliable and convenientto-
Use the laser marking system.
Small footprint, since
The marking unit contains an integrated power supply and cooling system design and only needs a 115-
The Volt Electrical connection makes it easy to locate in a store environment.
Although the structure is compact, the design formula of the unit
Transforming industrial operations.
VectorMark compact can be used as OEM-
Integrated components in automated production lines, as well as independent workstations with class 1 safety housing and integrated ventilation. A motor-driven Z-
The shaft allows automatic adjustment of the focal length to accommodate different workpieces, motor-drivenvertical-
The front door of the elevator simplifies the replacement of the workpiece.
Additional shafts and turntables are also available as options. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Compact Laser marking system with twotieredWindows[R]-
Based on the operating system.
The first level allows the operator to easily select the message to be confused on the artifact in either of the four languages.
Create message in vector-
Based on the graphic editor.
Images can be imported in various standard graphic formats and then scaled and edited using Vector Markup software.
The software can generate variable data such as date code, serial number, standard data and both
Size bar codes are automatically generated.
The second level of the operating system allows the programmer to fully integrate and automate the marking process through a highly integrated programmable controller
Level programming platform. The frequency-
Double version of VectorMark compact (
532 nm wavelength)
Synthetic materials can be marked faster, with higher contrast.
In addition, the use of a patented marking process can mark many synthetic materials without reducing the surface quality of the material.
Russell King, senior manufacturing engineer at OPW, reports that after he invested in Trumpf laser technology, the variable cost increment each nozzle uses to mark them is almost zero.
The required replacement date is no longer buried on the paper or manual in the drawer at the bottom of the station owner\'s desk, but is visible on the nozzle for customers and station owners to view.
The manufacturer believes that the validity period of laser marking increases the value of OPW products and provides additional quality control measurements for OPW. Trumpf, Inc. www. rsleads. com/510mn-
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