scientists unveil laser that can monitor your breathing and heartbeat through clothes from three feet away

by:UMeasure     2020-04-06
Innovative new technologies from continue Biometrics will allow patients to monitor multiple body functions at home using lasers.
Nanotechnology can monitor the health and breathing of users through clothing from places other than 1 m.
It can measure breathing, lung activity, temperature, blood pressure, pulse speed, glucose, alcohol levels and even muscle activity.
Our sensors are made up of a camera with special optical elements and lasers.
Professor Zeev Zalevsky, chief technology officer, said they can be connected to any type of consumer device, such as a mobile phone or TV.
\"We use unique patented optical methods to capture nanometers
Vibration caused by the movement of the body\'s internal organs, chemicals and molecules that we are trying to feel.
This technique is particularly helpful for people with cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
This device is suitable for patients with hospital or chronic diseases who need to be closely monitored at home.
At present, it is expensive and inefficient to provide continuous medical care to those in need.
\'We need to make health care affordable for all, \'said CEO Asher Polani.
\"Providing this preventive care can improve the quality of life and save the lives of patients,\" Polani continued . \".
The startup has offices in Israel, Spain and Silicon Valley.
\"Our remote sensors are easy to use --
It will not interfere with the daily life of the user, and the user\'s environment will not affect the quality of the measurement.
\"That\'s right, there\'s no need to take off your clothes, change your position, turn on the lights or do anything else!
It says on the website.
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