scientists bend laser beams -- and maybe lightning

by:UMeasure     2020-04-14
Scientists have found a way to bend the laser.
It can also be used to bend the Lightning.
A team led by Pavel Polynkin of the University of Arizona sent a special laser beam
Pulses are not stable, asymmetrical, such that one edge is brighter than the other
Through a series of filters.
They found that the beam was actually bent a little, about 5mm (
About 1/1/5)
The total distance is more than 60 centimeters (2 feet).
\"People expect lasers to do certain things, such as linear propagation,\" Polynkin told scientific Americans . \".
\"In fact, the bending of the laser is very unusual.
\"Because the laser pulses are so strong, they will take the air that passes through and leave a plasma trajectory of ionization.
Jéréme Kasparian of the University of Geneva pointed out that this path may be enough to form a natural lightning path.
Kasparian, who has been trying to induce lightning from the Thunder Cloud with a straight plasma beam, believes that the curved beam of Polynkin can be used to steer the Lightning to or away from a specific target.
\"It would be interesting to see a curved lightning discharge,\" he told New Scientist . \".
The research by the Polynkin team was published in the April 10 issue of Science.
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