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Schmidt Industrial Co. , Ltd.
Established in December 7, 1993 to design, manufacture and sell test and measurement products for the two main business units of the balancer part and the measurement part.
The company operates through two departments: the design and assembly of dynamic balance systems and components in the machine tool industry (Balancer)
, And the design and assembly of the laser
Based on the test and measurement system (Measurement).
For the balancer section, the company designs, manufactures and sells computers-
Machine tool industries around the world, especially controlled vibration detection, balancing and process control systems for grinding machines.
In the measurement section, the company measured the system through its subsidiary, Schmidt.
Design, manufacture and sell laser and white light sensors for distance, size and area measurement for a range of commercial applications, laser-
Micrometric products based on semiconductor wafer and hard disk drive industries and other industrial applications, laser-
Surface-based analysis and measurement products for a range of scientific applications, as well as ultrasonic measurement products for measuring filling levels of tanks equipped with propane, diesel and other tanks
The data is transmitted via satellite to a secure website for display.
The company operates in geographic markets such as the United States, Europe and Asia.
It also provides sales and services to Europe and Asia through its subsidiary, Schmidt Europe Limited (SEL)
Located in Coventry, UK and through its sales representative office in Shanghai, China.
The main product line of the balancer branch in this segment is Schmidt dynamic balance system (SBS)
Consists of a vibration sensor, a computer control unit, and a balance head, which is placed on the grinding wheel spindle by using an adapter installed on the spindle, or inside the spindle hole. The SB-
5500 the control panel contains up to four slots for additional circuit boards designed for specific functions such as manual balancing, using hydraulic chamber balancing and process monitoring, which involves detection and analysis of high-frequency noise, called acoustic emission (AE)
Produced by the grinding process.
Customers can also detect and analyze AE signals generated during grinding or trimming to help monitor and manage the grinding process.
Customers include end-user operators, as well as grinding machine manufacturers in a range of industries using grinding processes, including the automotive, industrial, aerospace and medical industries. The SB-
5500 also includes an optional acoustic emission monitoring system (AEMS)
Control card, the card uses sound sensor technology to monitor AE signals generated on the grinder during critical events during grinding.
The AEMS card is allowed in-
Feed until the initial contact point of the grinding wheel with the new part loaded in the machine.
The system can automatically detect the initial contact and report this event to the machine control, thus stopping the wheel from entering-
Feed without operator intervention. The SB-
5500 two process control cards suitable for the interior of the control panel are also provided to provide control of the grinding process: ExactControl card and ExactDress card.
ExactControl process control card provides multiple
The functional grinding process control capability, by detecting and analyzing AE signal modes or machine power fluctuations, then adjusting and optimizing the grinding process based on this signal data using one of seven process control strategies.
Other SBS products include SB-2000 and AE-1000. The SB-
The 2000 is a manual balancing system that provides one and two plane manual balancing functions.
The system has a machine installation version (SB-2000)
Portable version (SB-2000-P).
The company competes with Marposs S. p. A.
, MPM micro Prazision Marx Co. , Ltd. and balance systems. r. l.
In the measurement section, the company offers more than 12 products under the Acuity brand, including AccuRange (AR)
1000, AR2000, AR2500 and AR3000 distance measurement sensors, AR700, AR500 and AR200 series triangular laser displacement sensors, ar ccs Prima and ar ccs initial color co-focus sensorsAP)
400 and AP820, and Aquity (AQ)
6 2D laser line scanners.
The company designs, manufactures and sells AR200 and AR700, distributing AR500, AR1000, AR2000, AR2500, AR3000, ar ccs Prima, ar ccs Initial, AP400 mainly into North America.
The company offers a surface roughness measurement product that uses laser scattering technology for surface measurement testing to quantify surface micro-roughness.
Products are sold to manufacturers of hard disk drives, semiconductors, silicon wafers and optical products, and industries involved in the manufacturing process that requires accurate and reliable measurement.
The company\'s products for the disk industry are texture measurement systems (TMS)2000-
Texture measurement system RC.
The company offers two products dedicated to the semiconductor wafer industry: tm2000 w-RC and tm3000 w-RC.
Both products provide measurement data for silicon wafers, device quality semiconductors, and storage device manufacturers.
The company also offers laser inspection lines for surface roughness measuring instruments.
Full angle scattering instrument of the company (CASI)
Scatter meters are sold to companies and institutions engaged in scientific research and development.
These products are molecular measuring instruments for customers.
Horizontal accuracy in measurement of optical surfaces, diffusion materials, semiconductor wafers, magnetic storage media and precision roughness-
Machined surfaces, and surfaces that affect the appearance of consumer goods.
The MicroScan system is a portable device consisting of hands.
Interchange measuring head and separate charging unit.
The company\'s Xact tank monitoring system provides remote level monitoring of propane, diesel and other tanks
Liquid for cans.
The company competes with independent technology companies.
NasCorp, WacnGo, Silicon control, TankLink, Centeron, TankScan and Enertrack.
2765 North West Nicolai StPORTLAND OR 97210 P: 1503. 2277908F: 1503.
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