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Written as part of B. C.
Special day on daring things in the province that readers don\'t know
Face the name in the news.
My interview with Rob Feenie was about his passion for cycling.
It\'s here, he\'s there (above)
For chef Rob Finney, fire is more than just for the stove.
It growled in his stomach.
This gave him a big victory in \"American Iron Man;
He was the first Canadian to do so and one of the few chefs.
He is also an athlete, which is surprising given the chef\'s lifestyle, and if they want to stay ahead of the game, the chef\'s lifestyle will buckle them in the kitchen.
His bike has recovered recently.
He played regularly when he was young, but in 1995 he opened his own restaurant, Lumiere, which meant he was sacrificing his passion for another person.
He has participated in some of the gales town and Yale town cycling Grand Prix in Vancouver and was ranked fourth (out of 5)competitor. (
The first category is the elite level. )
When he runs the Lumiere restaurant, he rides his bike for entertainment.
But about a year and a half ago
Behind him the drama of losing the restaurant and a new chapter to start as a top chef of the Cactus Club chain)
He began to show his leg muscles again, returned to the game, and worked hard with a team of the same tall
Get friends like before
Thomas Haas, Trevor Lindenchocolatier)Michelle Jacob (
Chef/boss of Le crococoile), Brian Hill (
Owner of Aritzia clothing store)
John Horton (
Shape attribute).
They call themselves the TNA team (
A clothing chain under Aritzia).
\"Brian designed our uniform,\" Feenie said . \".
\"White, pink.
\"But I say these colors are not entirely male.
\"Brian is the best --
I know people who wear clothes, \"said Finn.
\"He likes to look best on the road.
Most of them are white and a little pink.
\"Some teams took part in the Jeantex TransAlp road bike race last year (
900, 3
Race seven days, country (nightmare? )
They climb six times as high as Cypress Mountain on our North Shore every day.
\"I want to know when I can do it.
Unfortunately for me, I did better in a quick game; hill-
I am not good at climbing mountains.
This fall and winter, I have to put in more miles to lay a solid foundation for 2012.
I have been doing this very seriously for the past year and a half.
\"I\'m behind because they train for TransAlp,\" he said . \". Long-
Friends and cooking instructors of time, Michelle Jacob of the Crocodile (
Who participated in the TransAlp competition last year)
He won\'t let go.
\"He has to stop eating pizza and beer at midnight.
\"Tell him it\'s his coach talking,\" Jacob said . \".
\"He has to lose weight!
\"Yes, Feenie\'s recent photo shows that he is even more rounded than before.
\"If he does that, no problem.
However, Jacob says that Ferney is driven, and he will do it if he focuses on something.
But he said that Ferney did not perform well on the mountain.
\"He\'s fine in the apartment.
When he worked with us
Gafflosh restaurant]
He is very healthy and strong.
He came to work by bike from Gao Guilin.
He called once and said he was going to be late.
When he came in, he had a rash and his whole body was scratched.
He had an accident, but he was strong.
But Finn is getting interesting training.
\"At my age, what I like is that I ride a bicycle with a group of people of my age [45]
It keeps us healthy. Unlike running, running can affect the joints.
Riding a bicycle is not the pressure on the bones [structure].
He said: \"He worked hard for about two hours when he was riding a bike. A few week-
Before he finishes, he wants to join a Cycling Week group at kelonarlinden\'s house --
End and dinner, but a family holiday is planned.
The really right person in the group ran 180 kilometers, and Feenie planned to run 140 kilometers.
However, Ferney\'s earliest interest was hockey.
In his teens, he played hockey with Joe Sakic and Cliff Ronning in benabi.
He would have liked to be chosen by the National Hockey League, but he did not qualify.
At the age of 17, he was the last player to win the 1982 Air Canada Cup by bennabee winter club. (
In that game, Lanning scored the winning goal against Patrick Roy. ).
\"Unfortunately, there are too many people who are better than him,\" he said of his frustrated hockey career.
\"I resigned after my junior year.
I think it would be easier to be a cook, but that\'s not the case.
But he said, \"I like what I do.
What he did today, skating is seafood, and the cup is eight
Oz measuring device, the icing is sweet, the icing is dirtyspelled fowl.
He found that NHLers and other athletes asked for signatures.
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