review of opti-logic 600 xt rangefinder

by:UMeasure     2020-03-31
For golf lovers who want distance measurement equipment, Opti-
The logic 600 XT Laser range machine will be a good choice.
Because its features are worth considering.
This laser range machine combines a pulse laser range machine with a vertical angle sensor.
You will find it light and easy to use. The tilt-
There are two modes for the compensation Laser range machine.
Calculate the line of sight distance and the measured horizontal distance.
The difference between the two modes is that mode one is from Opti-
The logical measuring device of the target.
Mode 2 is distance Opti-
Logic Laser range, pointing to the horizontal point of the device above or below the target.
For any purpose that needs to start the projectile at a certain angle, the true horizontal distance is crucial.
Golf, hunting, etc.
This laser range machine has unique functions.
They are accurate. .
5 yards, single button operation, automatic rain mode, minimum range of 4 yards.
It\'s easy to use this laser range.
Browse the viewfinder, press the button, place the red dot on the object, then release the button to launch the laser. That\'s all.
The measurement results are immediately displayed on the LCD display.
Accurate and reliable.
You can measure it in yards, feet or meters.
XT series Opti-
The logic Laser range machine is powered by a 9 volt battery.
And there is automatic rain mode.
This mode ignores reflected drops without affecting other functions.
When the battery displays the llow battery symbol continuously, the battery needs to be replaced.
To save the battery, the device automatically loses power about every 7 seconds.
Now that you have found useful information, let Opti-
The logic 600 XT Laser Range machine has enough confidence to beat your challenger.
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