Reflection and Refraction of Light & It\'s Applications

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Application in daily life.

The phenomenon of laser reflection from the mirror.
It is essential to draw light on a normal line;
Reflective surface.
Expressed as singular when demo reflection.
Reflection angle-

, As shown in the following figure.

the normal).

), But due to the curvature of the reflective surface, the light is focused (both internally and externally ).
In a concave mirror, the light is directed to the focus within the mirror curve.Examples of their practical application are anywhere where the beam must be focused, such as a dentist\'s mirror, flashlight, or headlights.
The convex mirror distracts the light, and the focus is actually inside the curve.Their app is any place where you need to extend your view, like a car park and a mirror on a bus.
The chart below shows the reflection of light from concave and convex mirrors.

The refraction of light involves the \"bending\" of light when it travels from one medium to another, which is the result of a change in the speed of light.An example of this \"bending\" can be seen with a spoon in a glass of water.
When entering a medium with a large density from one medium, the light bends in the normal direction (and vice versa ).


) For waves traveling from one medium to another, the ratio of the sine of the angle of attack to the sine of the angle of reflection.The refractive index is not related to the amount of bending (speed change) that will occur;The refractive index of light in vacuum is equal to 1.

When the light moves from the transparent medium to the air and bends so much, a complete internal reflection occurs (as shown in the blue light on the right side ).

The refractive index of the internal media is higher than that of the external media.

Over the past few years, the popularity of all-internal reflections for communication purposes has steadily increased, as light travels much faster than electricity and can code more information.Full internal reflection is used in Firbe optical cable and other technologies.

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