red light, green light: a traffic signals expert answers your questions

by:UMeasure     2020-04-09
Traffic signals control our lives, so when people rule D. C.
Many readers are concerned about the retirement of traffic signals. Dear Dr.
I appreciate your column about William mcgilg.
As a civil servant, it is good to know the civil servants who are committed to their work.
I particularly like the attitude reflected in the last paragraph of the article.
There are a lot of times when I want to contact someone in D. C.
The government believes that the crossing time of 14 th Street under Thomas Circle is too short, because Thomas Circle has a retirement community whose residents shop in CVS on 14 th Street.
However, I think it would be a hassle to find the right office or person.
Jane Walstedt in the DG area: McGuirk said in the last paragraph, \"you can find something at every intersection and you can turn it into a work order.
He told the staff of the regional transport department that on-site inspections can always find some areas that can be improved, whether it is signal timing or some branch pruning, to improve the visibility of the signal.
The subject of the next two letters is that the signal time needs to be improved. Dear Dr.
Traffic jam: I want to put forward some objections to one thing: regional traffic --light timing.
All in all, this is hateful.
Worse than any city I \'ve ever lived in, big or small.
For pedestrians and drivers, at the intersection after the intersection, in one block after another, the traffic signal is not properly timed at all.
The light cycle is either too long or too short.
Although I am not a traffic engineer, the time does not seem to be synchronized to other intersections.
It promotes traffic jams and dangerous drills, not traffic flow and safety.
District dear Dr. Jonathan Make
Traffic jam: what the area needs is a traffic engineer who understands the time of the traffic signal.
It doesn\'t seem to find them locally, and ferfax County is another example where so many lights turn red when one drives to the next intersection.
I was driving in Europe and I found that the timing of the traffic signal was very good, especially in Germany and Switzerland. Many of the city\'s and suburban thoroughfares have what they call \"green waves,\" which allows drivers who are able to travel at the announced speed to travel with the least amount of stay.
This not only saves time and money on gasoline, but also reduces the pollution caused by idle engines.
Maybe we can attract some overseas talents to help us solve the problem. George H.
McLean DG Spencer: McGuirk, like other signal experts I have encountered in the Washington area, is used to receiving complaints and is willing to discuss the frustration of travelers.
This is some advice he gave me. Complaints.
If you think it\'s D. C.
The signal is broken. You may be right.
But how do you know if you should contact 311 D. C.
Ask the service line DDOT checked?
McGuirk says commuters who take the same route every day are able to detect unexpected changes very well.
Deploy the signal.
There are 1,657 signal intersections in the area.
Some people think this is not enough.
They believe that the streets of their communities will be safer if signals are added.
McGuirk said that the DDOT study requires the addition of signals, but sometimes makes a decision against them, or chooses a traditional signal style other than green, yellow, and red.
In some places, traditional signals may do more harm than good.
Or a more specific type of signal may be needed.
Together with other jurisdictions in the region, DDOT has deployed a number of new signals specifically designed to protect pedestrians.
The signal to stop traffic may be dark until the pedestrian clicks the button on the pole to activate the red light for the driver. Syncing.
DDOT is in a big place-
McGuirk said that in order to improve traffic, it is possible to synchronize its traffic signals on a large scale.
The project uses a large amount of traffic data designed to handle the entire travel corridor on a large scale and in an all-round way.
However, dealing with traffic signal timing is not the only effort.
McGuirk says DDOT has changed in time hundreds of times a month. Green time.
The natural law does not allow signal engineers to make time.
They can only be distributed in different ways.
\"Two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time,\" McGuirk said . \".
He is often asked why the area cannot coordinate traffic signals as it does in New York City.
Well, he said, from the grid pattern of the streets and the number of streets, the area is not like New York --way only.
The area sometimes has to face a more complex stage in organizing transport ballet.
\"I can make your traffic look perfect, but that morning someone in the other direction would call and wonder what I did to drastically reduce traffic,\" he said.
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