officer breached pursuit rules, but did nothing criminal in 2017 crash: siu

by:UMeasure     2020-04-17
A city police officer did not do anything worthy of criminal charges because the driver of a stolen vehicle was speeding and then ran away and crashed last year leaving a 16-year-
The Ontario police watchdog said Friday that an old passenger was injured.
Tony lopaco, director of the special investigation unit, said that the driver should be responsible for the injury, but the unidentified official violated provincial regulations and OPS policies and \"immediately notified and
Instead, his \"radio is silent\" didn\'t get in touch with dispatch until he was 1 feet chasing another young man who fled the crashed car. “Since the(Subject officer)
Got a chance to get into his room.
On-board computer terminal during the pursuit, I can only assume that he also has the ability to contact the dispatcher and hand over the decision on whether to continue tracking the vehicle to the communications supervisor as needed, \"loparco wrote.
These issues, Loparco said, will be brought to the attention of the head of the city and \"hopefully will be dealt with appropriately \".
Two officers in different cruisers run radar on Bank Street south of Hunter Club Road. m. on Oct. 11, 2017.
When an officer sells tickets to a driver, the second officer who became the subject of the investigation is using the hand
When he saw a black Honda Highway heading northwest, he took a laser gun to monitor traffic in the bank\'s streets.
The officer got into his car and pursued it, but the vehicle turned right on Albion Road.
The police officer caught up and Honda pulled over at the south side of the Hunter club Road crossing.
As the officer approached on foot, Honda drove east again to Hunt Club Road.
It will reach a speed of 187 km/h in a few seconds, then board the side of the road, shoot down a traffic pole at the Pike Street crossing, roll over to the roof and cross the wooden fence, landed in the front yard of the residents.
About 30 seconds later, the police arrived when the driver and the second passenger fled the scene.
Soon after the injured young man came out of the car, they were arrested and taken to hospital.
The young man, who had a third spinal fracture in his neck, was still in hospital when investigators wrote a report dated October 2018 and had some paralysis in his right arm and legs.
\"I found out that in the end (the driver)
Trying to escape the police, in doing so, to drive at an extremely high speed, without considering the use of other people on the road that ultimately led to the collision and passenger collision, loparco said: \"The complainant was injured. \".
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