next green line phase might only extend north to 64th avenue

by:UMeasure     2020-04-15
Green Line advocates say they are disappointed with a city report that suggests future light rail lines will only extend to 64 Avenue North
After the completion of the second phase of the project, several communities were in the cold.
The analysis of the future Green Line staging options scheduled for Wednesday before the council\'s transport and transit committee outlines the possibilities after the completion of the first phase of the project.
Phase 1 of the project-a $4. 65-billion, 20-Kilometer line-
Across 14 stations from 16 N Avenue
126 S Avenue at Crescent HeightsE. in Shepard.
The construction of this line will start as early as 2020 kilometers, with the goal of completing it by 2026.
The blueprint for the line requires it to go up 160 north.
From the south to Seton, once it\'s all done, but the next step depends on the funds available.
The city said it would extend two stops south from Sheppard station to mackinqi Town station at a cost of $0. 25 billion to $0. 4 billion.
Cooperation with $0. 4 billion to $0. 7 billion, one two-
It is possible for the station to extend north, starting at 16 N Avenue.
To 40 N Avenue.
The funds can also be used to extend the southern part of the line to three stations, from Sheppard station to Auburn Bay/Redwood station.
The level of funding is between $0. 7 billion and $1 billion, with three options on the table, including a 4-
North Extension Station from 16 N Avenue
To 64 N Avenue. , or a five-
Stop south from Sheppard to Sidon station.
The third option includes two-
Stop stretching north from No. 16 N Avenue
To 40 N Avenue. and the three-
South Extension Station from Sheppard to Auburn Bay/Redwood station.
Jeff Binks, chairman of the Green Foundation Light Rail, said the options were disappointing.
\"What we would like to see is a shopping list pricing the staging options for the final green lineto-end, north-to-south.
We have a document. . .
\"Let a region with a population larger than Airdrie quit the dialogue altogether,\" Binks said . \"for-
The profit group supports this route.
\"We think this is a kind of injury for the Calgary Asians who live in northern Calgary and work hard to push this project.
Binks said the options outlined in the report made him skeptical that the project would soon extend north.
\"I\'m not sure when we will see Phase 2,\" he said . \".
\"This is not a very ambitious goal they set. ”Ward 3 Coun.
Jyoti Gondek, who has long advocated for cities to push projects further north, believes that the current choice \"ignores the needs of major northern communities --Downtown Calgary
She said she planned to raise the issue on the committee.
\"It focuses on the cost, not the best thing for the Calgary Asians,\" says Gondek . \".
\"I always hope that it will reach at least what it needs to achieve, which is the location of the North Point.
If you look at the dramatic growth that is taking place in the Livingston and Carrington communities, I am surprised that we have not considered how to deliver Phase 2 in a way that really benefits the North --
Calgary Central Asia.
\"The City franchise Financial Framework Act, approved by the province, outlines the special funding of approximately $0. 2 billion per year for transit projects. For Coun. Gian-
Carlo Kara, the first priority is to ensure that the entire line is opened as soon as possible, regardless of which part of the second phase is followed.
\"How do you proceed with the phase, this is only the result of physical reality on the line, on the ground,\" he said . \".
\"We worked very hard to unite the North.
Central Light Rail and South East Light Rail enter the Green Line, I am just not interested in relisting the north and south routes.
It\'s just not helpful.
\"Shudes @ postmedia. comTwitter.
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