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by:UMeasure     2020-04-11
Lucknow: to improve the state\'s agricultural productivity, the northern state government launched the second phase of the upstream water sector restructuring project on Thursday. The Rs 3,090-
Officials say the crore project will play an important role in reducing extreme poverty.
Execution with the help of interests-
The project will lend Rs 2,160 crore free of charge from the World Bank, repair and modernize existing irrigation systems and increase community participation through the Water Users Association.
The project is expected to help nearly 10 lakh peasant families through better infrastructure.
\"The project will also strengthen more than 22,000 water users associations.
Flood management information systems and flood forecasting tools that will be developed for the Rapti Basin are expected to affect populations that cover more than 1.
He added: \"8 million hectares.
The state\'s irrigation and drainage systems do not fulfil their potential.
The change of planting mode to more water-intensive crops, the loss of living storage caused by precipitation, the low water efficiency caused by the system\'s annual failure to repair, and the lack of demand --
Some of the reasons for this poor performance are based on operating and maintaining the system.
The government also introduced the results of the implementation of the first phase of the plan on Thursday and claimed more than 3.
43 hectares of irrigation and drainage systems have been restored and modernized, and more than 800 water users associations have been established.
In the second phase of implementation, the project will include a dedicated flood management information system (FMIS)
Since more than 30% of the geographic areas in 23 areas of UP are floods-prone.
The project also focuses on the use of modern technologies such as satellite remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS), and mobile-
Monitor and evaluate project design based on application.
The government is also matchmaking the UP remote sensing application center to monitor the performance of the project\'s agricultural field using satellite images.
Onno Ruhl, national director of the World Bank, said, \"improving water efficiency not only helps India\'s largest consumer of water, the agricultural sector, but also addresses the growing mismatch between water demand and usage patterns, this critical issue crosses many of the development challenges of UP, which is more common in India.
\"The project also plans to develop an integrated information system for water resources, hosted by the State Water Resources Administration (SWARA)
As different sectors of the country are currently planning, developing and managing water resources.
SWARA will also develop basin plans for the state\'s eight major basins and conduct special studies on the impacts of climate change to promote water-saving farming practices, which will establish farmer water schools.
These schools will help farmers improve their management practices throughout the planting season.
These measures may include pilot ridge ditch irrigation, crop training
Water Budget, laser leveling and use of elevated beds.
These schools are expected to create a network of trainers and practitioners from the field who can then spread these practices in their local communities.
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