new laser device spells end for diabetic finger pricking

by:UMeasure     2020-04-07
London: a new technology developed by an Indian
The origin of the use of laser equipment scientists can not
Invasive monitoring of blood glucose levels eliminates the need for daily finger prick in diabetic patients.
At present, many patients with diabetes need to measure blood sugar levels by piercing their fingers, squeezing blood drops on test strips, and processing results with portable blood glucose meters.
The new technology, developed by Professor Leeds Jose and a team at the University of Leeds School of Engineering, uses a low
A power laser that measures blood sugar levels without penetrating the skin.
It can bring simple pain to people.
Free replacement for finger tingling.
The technology has continuous monitoring function and is an ideal choice for the development of wearable devices.
This may help improve the lives of millions of people, enabling them to continuously monitor blood sugar levels without the need for implants.
\"Unlike traditional methods, this new
\"Invasive techniques can continuously monitor blood sugar levels,\" said Jose . \".
\"And as a replacement for the fingers --
This technique provides diabetes patients with the potential to receive continuous readings, which means that they are immediately alerted when intervention is required.
\"It will enable people to be themselves.
\"Standardize and reduce treatment in emergency hospitals,\" said Jose . \".
The core of this new technology is a Nano.
Engineering silica gel glass with ions, when low-power laser irradiation to them, will emit fluorescence under infrared.
When the glass is in contact with the user\'s skin, the extent of the fluorescent signal varies depending on the concentration of glucose in the blood.
The device measures the length of time the fluorescence lasts and uses it to calculate the glucose level in a person\'s blood without the need for a needle.
The process takes less than 30 seconds.
\"The glass used in our sensors is wear-resistant and works in a similar way as used in smartphones.
Because of this, our devices are better than the existing ones.
The monitoring system, \"said Jose.
\"At the moment, we are experimenting with a desktop version in clinical research, but the goal is to develop two types of equipment for the market.
One will be a finger.
A touch device similar to a computer mouse.
The other will be a wearable version for continuous monitoring . \"
Under the supervision of Professor Peter Grant, the results of a pilot clinical study conducted at the Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine indicate that the new display has the same potential to function as traditional technology.
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