natural remedy to get rid of toenail fungus

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Toenail fungus, also known as ringworm, is caused by a group of fungi known as the skin ophytes bacteria.
This fungus is dangerous because, as they develop, they make a living with the Kerins that make up the surface of the toe nails.
Toe nail fungus can cause nail deformation and discoloration.
It is an infectious disease, and sometimes it may be a genetic disease.
The symptoms of toenail fungus are obvious.
The affected nail color turns yellow or brown.
It can become so thick and overgrown that it can be painful to wear shoes. Foul-
Smell debris may accumulate under nails.
Nails may break down and eventually fall off.
Sneak or spots can be seen from the side of the affected person\'s nails.
Toe nail fungus can be expanded from one toe to another or other parts of the body.
Athletes and those who are hurting their toes by wearing them tight
Fitted shoes or tight socks have a high risk of toe nail fungus.
Other reasons may be abnormal skin pH, not completely dry feet after bathing or exercising, and decreased immunity.
There are some home therapies that use commonly used ingredients to stop the growth of fungi and eventually eliminate them.
Home Remedies for toe nail fungus are quite effective.
Tea tree oil tea tree oil is an effective drug for the treatment of toe nail fungus.
Tea tree oil is a good choice.
Tea tree oil contains chemicals known as terpen ENE that are considered to provide its medicinal properties.
This is a natural preservative that is very helpful in fighting against fungi.
Apply the undiluted tea tree oil and olive oil to the affected toe nails.
Alternatively, you can drop a few drops of tea tree oil on your toenails and wipe it thoroughly every day.
Do this twice a day in the morning and before going to bed (
Three times if possible)
Maximum effect.
In many cases, it is mixed with other essential oils that are considered to have some effect on nail fungus.
Vinegar is one of the most famous ways to treat toe nail fungus.
Vinegar is a home therapy for long-standing toe nail fungus.
Vinegar is an acid.
Just remove the fungus and you have to keep the vinegar.
Soak the toenails in this solution for about 20 minutes.
Use a dry towel and wipe your toes and toenails thoroughly with super absorbent paper.
Before the symptoms disappear, it should be done twice a day.
Most vinegar treatments for toe nail fungus include bathing in a solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar per day.
Many people don\'t like the taste of apple cider vinegar and add it to another drink, such as juice or carbonated drinks.
Keep in mind that acidic drinks can damage the enamel over time, so if you take apple cider vinegar to treat toenails fungus, rinse or brush your teeth thoroughly.
Vickvaporub for vickvaporub fungus
Infected toenails can remove the famous hardto-Treatment.
Several uses of Vicks VapoRub, including rubbing it on the soles of the feet to prevent excessive nighttime cough in children, and using it to treat toenails and nail fungus.
Massage Vicks steam rub on toenails and the toenails begin to darken in a few days.
Dark color means vicks are killing fungi.
Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most effective ingredients for the treatment of nail fungus.
The treatment of nail fungus with hydrogen peroxide is also known as oxidation therapy.
The best way to extract hydrogen peroxide from fruits is to juice them.
When you drink a cup of fresh carrot juice, you can feel the effect of hydrogen peroxide, because there is a warm feeling on your neck and your face will feel red.
Drink freshly made juice in 10 minutes as the cells have been crushed and disturbed and the taste changes quickly.
Conclusion wearing cotton socks is to absorb moisture from sweaty feet.
Never use someone else\'s nail clippers for the same reason.
Avoid sharing towels, shoes or any other personal items from people who have already been infected with the disease.
Cut short nails and do not use nail polish.
Trim your toenails regularly.
Trim them into straight lines and then smooth the edges with the nail file.
Diet plays a very important role in treating any disease.
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