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Myrtle Beach has always been a favorite destination for Canadian travelers looking for a budget-
Friendly escape regardless of the season.
Each year, nearly 1 million Canadian tourists arrive in the coastal city of South Carolina, enjoying its legendary golf course, several kilometers on the beach. miss shopping.
A large part of its visitors came from the great white people in the north, so that the city introduced Can-
It was a festival 52 years ago.
Public events, music and deals for Canadian travelers from local hotels and businesses mark this moment-our own maple leaf flag even hangs around the city.
The 53 annual meeting will be held from March 10-18, 2014.
However, whether you are planning a trip to Myrtle Beach in spring, summer or fall;
This affordable destination is perfect for young families, retirees, and young men and women.
There are six must-have breakfasts for Canadians on budget to Myrtle Beach.
Staying at the waterfront hotel has more than 90,000 accommodation units in Myrtle Beach, from the independent beachfront hotel to the large chain hotel such as Hilton, all price points and all locations are available.
The added benefit of accommodation along the beach, which is nearly 100 km long, is that it is easy to reach the beach and enjoy super affordable, fun beach days, many hotels are only a few steps away from the beach.
Book a hotel with in-
The guest room kitchen can save on dining out and prepare your own meals for the holidays, which is easier on budget.
During our visit, my mom and I were received by the embassy suite, most recently
The hotel is redecorated and located on the Kingston Plantation, a gorgeous resort with hotels, apartments and vacation rentals.
We like the space of the two of us.
Room suites are provided, with incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean that is always choppy from our balcony, with easy access to the beach from the lobby.
The hotel offers free breakfast buffet for all guests, a favorite such as pancakes and bacon, as well as local specialties such as biscuits, thick white gravy and tortillas.
My only complaint about this hotel is that it does not provide free Internet and WiFi access for guests.
See embassysuites3. hilton. com.
Franklin G. Art and entertainmentBurroughs-Simeon B.
The Charbin Museum of Art is a hidden gem near the airport, a fantastic pastime for budget travelers.
Tickets are not charged at the museum, but visitors can leave a donation if they wish.
All kinds of visual art are displayed in the house. turned-
Museum, from Jon Eric Reese\'s intricate woven tapestries to the colorful close range
Marine glass ups by photographer Celia Pearson.
More than 50 Southern artists, including the well-known low-earth artist Jonathan Green, have their paintings on display on the second floor of the museum, showcasing the talent of local artists and the guagen of the area.
Visit the myrtlebeach Museum of Art. org.
Plan to go to Las Vegas at night-
There is no need to pay the price of Las Vegas to enjoy quality live entertainment.
Check out the new show at the Alabama Theatre (
Southern rock band Alabama was founded in 1993)
Or Opry in Carolina. Both top-
TripAdvisor has a high rating of attractions
Hybrid Station Energy variety show-
From country to rock to Motown, comedy, dance and singing of all kinds.
The figures in the musicals Les Miserables and wickets are also impressive in a full set of costumes.
Former \"Star Search\" male singer of the year Greg rolls hosts the show at the Alabama theater, although Carolina\'s Opry sees reality TV star LaToya London as \"American Idol \", and got in the way of all \"American talent\" among their performers \".
Other programs ready to warm up for your Myrtle Beach night include celebrity imitators-
Concert legends in their 60 s and 70 s
The theme is \"good vibration\" and the laser show in Opry, Carolina. See alabama-theatre.
And the cinema. com. FORE!
Myrtle Beach is known for its more than 100 championship golf courses.
What many travelers may not know is that it is also the mini golf capital in the world.
Dozens of mini putt courses in coastal cities with luxurious decorations and themes, from Dinosaur Adventures to pirates, are an affordable, fun-for-any-skill-
Level outing in the afternoon.
Go shopping at shops and factory malls in Myrtle Beach and find one or two deals in clothes, household items, shoes, perfumes, etc.
We stopped at Tanger Store on Route 17 North Myrtle Beach to check deals at Gap Factory Store, J. Etc
Crew Factory, Michael Kors, etc.
Tangles has more than 50 stores offering discounts or deals for today\'s most popular fashion brands.
I can get some really cute boots for just $35 (
Winter is coming after all)
My mom found a lot of pants at the Old Navy store.
See tangeroutlet. com.
Plan to buy more?
There are several other restaurants on Myrtle Beach.
Visit shopping destinations that offer shops and restaurants and enjoy a full day out.
Consider Broadway on the beach (
Victoria\'s Secret, Claire\'s.
Landing barefoot (
Sunglasses cottage Roxbury boutique)
Or a large coastal Mall (
Bathtub and Body Works).
On 2010, the boardwalk beach opened its vibrant boardwalk and Promenade, stunning. 9 km-
A long walk along the Atlantic Ocean, with three different areas, perfect for a free stroll by the sea at night.
Watch the waves of the Atlantic circle on the beach in the south promenade section, and admire the views and vegetation of the natural beach dunes in the North dune walkway section.
Or, people watch the window at the kitschy tourist store and jump on a new 60-metre-
Tall Ferris wheel observation wheel, along the bustling central boardwalk section, can enjoy the magnificent views of the downtown of Myrtle Beach.
See myrtlebeachboardwalk.
Com and myrtlebeachskywheel. com.
Splurge at SPAIf you need to take a break from Green and the beach and check out your holiday splurge at a spa in Myrtle Beach.
My mother and I signed on the 70 th.
Enjoy a minute massage at the Cinzia Spa at the gorgeous new North Beach Plantation Resort.
The price of the signature massage is $180, but the service and luxurious service provided by Cinzia Spa really makes it worth the money.
I especially like warm soy protein-a natural, more moisturizing glove for alternative paraffin wax that keeps my hands warm when I massage and then makes them very soft.
I have never experienced this extra care during other massages, which makes Cinzia featured care more unique.
Guests can enjoy pre-and post-treatment breaks in the spa meditation room or outdoor hot tub and take advantage of the well-stocked dressing room (
Do not need to remember to bring deodorant, moisturizer or even comb;
Provide any toiletries you want)
There is also a soothing eucalyptus steam room.
See the inziaspa. com.
You need to know that with attractions all over Myrtle Beach and the adjacent North Myrtle Beach, you will need to rent a car for your holiday.
All major car rental companies are operating-
Opening of Myrtle Beach International Airport
From Toronto island airport or Pearson International Airport to Myrtle Beach, Porter Airlines and WestJet offer direct seasonal services.
Canadians traveling from other cities can use connecting flights.
More information about Myrtle Beach and Can-
In the morning, or to help you plan your own trip to Myrtle Beach, see visitmyrtlebeach. com.
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