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by:UMeasure     2020-04-18
Less often, you\'ll find a great set of tools to separate yourself from smaller competitors as they do new things in new ways.
I have only seen this outstanding success a few times in my 22 years of writing tools, but I am pleased to report that this has happened again.
Ryobi has long been committed to providing good tools at high prices, and for more than a decade they have hit that big eye most of the time.
Interestingly, how Ryobi\'s definition of \"good\" keeps rising.
Their new tek3 series still impressed me after three months of use.
Impressed but not surprised.
In 2005, I met someone named Ken Connell at a tool event in Georgia.
There were a lot of company people chatting that weekend, but it was different.
Among a crowd of PR professionals mainly composed of marketing types and smiles, Connell has a quiet, reserved demeanor of a pragmatic with a deep understanding of 21st century tool development
The fact that Collell is also involved in Ryobi\'s product team has kept me focused on the brand.
Since then, I have neither seen nor heard the news from villell, but tek4. it reminds me that he must still be involved. I checked. He is.
Tek3 is a collection of 11 cordless devices with reasonable prices, all of which use the same 4-
Rechargeable lithium Voltion battery.
What makes this collection so effective is the performance of the battery, the convenience of maintaining the charge, and the quality and innovation of the tools they drive. Lithium-
Ion batteries are increasingly present in cordless tools, because they are light in weight, can maintain a lot of energy without discharge during use, and are less risky to the environment than current nickel-cadmium batteries
Although tek4. more powerful, each tek4. battery is closest to a pair of AA batteries.
The charge/discharge cycle of a tek3 battery is 2,000 times, and the replacement cost is more than $5,000-worth of AAs.
One of my favorite te4 products is LED flashlight.
It\'s the brightest, the most fashionable and the longest.
Long lasting flashlight I used
It is also small enough to fit in my pocket.
The beam is white, Superbright (
Too bright)
It can shine for six hours on a single charge.
You turn this thing on and off by rotating the end, but this description is not fair.
The digital camera is another part of the series.
It has an eight-pixel sensor, which is no big deal.
The innovation is how powerful this camera is.
It has a permanent, transparent protective cover on the lens, extra
Most of the body is covered with large buttons and soft rubber to absorb bangs and lumps.
It is even waterproof 3 feet below the surface.
The camera does have a voice memo feature, and although I do find playback volume too low, you can describe each photo verbally for future playback.
Other items in the lineup include an infrared thermometer gun, which can tell you the temperature of any surface from a distance, noise suppression audio headphones (
I use them on workshop and computer)
, Digital multimeter for electrical trouble shooting, laser distance-
Measuring device, digital lock box, self
Laser leveling, motion
Sense alarm and digital audio player.
Any good tool review should point out shortcomings and advantages, but it is difficult to find very negative claims in this case.
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