man allegedly pointed laser, may face charges

by:UMeasure     2020-04-16
On Saturday night, three police officers and the U. S. Coast Guard chased a Medford-
District man who faces federal charges after being accused of pointing a hand
Laser on the helicopter
\"What\'s in my mind? . . .
You never know what\'s on the other end of the laser, \"said Sergeant Robert boscoquette of the state police department.
The National Police pilot carried out routine safety tasks and guarded a liquefied natural gas tanker on the shore around 9: 15. m.
Buskay said Saturday night.
They noticed a laser on the helicopter.
They used advanced equipment on the helicopter, including cameras, and they found a source of light in Medford
The Somerville area, says Bosquette.
Search started-
Authorities involved in the Coast Guard, the state police, the Medford police and the Somerset police.
About 90 minutes later, police found an adult male.
Bousquet will not specify exactly how the police found him, nor will he be identified for not making charges, although \"lighting up the plane\" is a federal offence.
The investigation has been handed over to federal officials, he said.
Buskay said that the light never interfered with the pilot\'s vision, nor did it have any connection to the terrorist threat.
Even sick.
Bousquet says there is a high probability of criminal intent when the pilot is facing the laser.
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