long range wireless mouse and keyboard round up

by:UMeasure     2020-03-30
Wireless Desktop Bundle for Iogear Remote Media Center (4 out of 5)
The Iogear remote media center wireless desktop bundle is a wireless keyboard and mouse bundle that can run up to 33 feet from the receiver.
The keyboard is fairly basic in design, but very thin, lightweight and very good when typing on the user\'s legs.
Use this remote wireless keyboard and mouse set 2. 4 GHz bi-
Direction technology, which makes the mouse and keyboard very reliable when used at a long distance.
The keyboard is designed with a standard 108 key layout and features hotkeys for quick and easy access to my TV, music, video and pictures.
The mouse is a typical three-button mouse, designed to be different from other mice.
It is very angled and flat, and operates with a laser tracking device, and will become a very accurate and reliable mouse if it looks a bit awkward.
The keyboard costs $69.
$95 on the Iogear website.
Image source: iogear.
Commmicrosoft comfort desktop 5000 (5 out of 5)
Microsoft comfort desktop 5000 is a wireless mouse and keyboard set launched by Microsoft and has a working range of 30 feet because of 2.
4 GHz wireless technology means almost no interference.
It features a built-in palm rest and a removable \"foot\" that allows the keyboard to tilt towards the user for easy typing.
The wireless keyboard is designed with a standard 108 key layout and is ergonomic and more suitable for the operation of typists.
The keys are a quiet touch, which means they don\'t make much noise and it doesn\'t take much effort to type.
There are also various hotkeys used with Windows 7 to easily access the most commonly used applications when pressing the button.
The driver for this keyboard and mouse bundle takes up only 100 MB of space.
The Microsoft comfort desktop 5000 wireless mouse has four ways to scroll, allowing users to roll sideways and up and down.
It also includes BlueTrack technology. ™By combining laser and optical tracking technology, extremely accurate tracking can be achieved.
The remote wireless keyboard and mouse set costs $79.
$95 from Microsoft\'s website.
However, some of Microsoft\'s other keyboards are very similar in functionality and price, including the Microsoft Wireless Desktop elite.
Source: Microsoft.
ComLogitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution (3 out of 5)
Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution suite is a high-end remote wireless mouse and keyboard set for $169.
The $99 Logitech website makes it the most expensive remote keyboard with a reliable range of 30 m.
Although this keyboard is very expensive, it is worth it.
This remote wireless keyboard and mouse bundle works via Bluetooth technology, which is pre-configured and can be used once set up with little interference, providing a continuous and reliable connection.
The wireless keyboard is equipped with an LCD screen that shows the battery life and current time of the keyboard and allows you to play music and use the calculator directly on the keyboard.
In addition, the remote wireless mouse allows fast charging through the holder, without the battery in the mouse, and is designed as a natural curve suitable for the user\'s hand.
It is made with a deep thumb spoon with a rubber handle that can easily grab the mouse and move it.
Rollers are designed to scroll up and down and allow users to quickly browse long documents.
Source: Logitech.
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