long-range snipers hit target for galway

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From a distance, the world this morning is maroon and white. All-
FinalGALWAY, Ireland. . . . . . . . . . . . . 0-26WATERFORD. . . . . 2-17googletag. {});
From a distance, Galway ended their 29-
A year waiting for Liam Makasi Cup, the mid-range shooting show can only be described as luxurious.
Watford is a team that has long been peeling off as a great entertainer, but Galway has since become more pragmatic.
When they realized that they had enough artillery to win the game from within range, they were no longer greedy for goals.
Including yesterday, since Conor Kuni broke through a group of players delivered by corm Karanan and found the town tail net in Tullamore, they have played the championship for more than 300 minutes
Galway overdid in some cases this summer and shot too much visually, but Cooney showed here the great decision to attack --
You get three points when the most sensible option is to target these positions.
He did add a range for being late, but he could be forgiven
The accuracy of Johnny Cohen\'s forward Galway team --was exemplary.
31 minutes ago, in addition to Johnny Green\'s fight with Barry Cowland, everyone from Cohen to Catherine Maring contributed a point from the game.
Twenty seconds later, Joe Cunningham, Cohen, Joe Kuni Conner Kuni and an unmarked David Burke both opened fire at more than one point in the first eight minutes until eight minutes later, A referee has reason to try Galway\'s score.
Watford could have been overwhelmed, but scored the first of two goals in the fifth minute.
Kevin Moran defeated Karanan with the help of Michael Walsh.
Moran, with the help of Shane Fives, after Pauric Mahony\'s foul of Adrian tuohi of Shane Bennett, scored Watford\'s second in 11 minutesgoogletag. {});
Closing the gap to 1 point, the Munster seems to have only registered the next 3 points for Galway.
Kathryn Manen made a second point after Green passed the ball, and Kanin also made a second point, and then Connor Kuni again showed his accuracy in 14 minutes
Good works of Watford
The middle interest rate began to provide them with a platform, and Walsh once again became the provider of Pauric Mahony scores, and then he added his own scores after Jack Dillon\'s vigorous digging.
David Burke\'s second point in 21 minutes is 0-10 to 1-
Just before Kieran Bennett\'s crazy goal.
His brother Shane, who was about to be replaced after a leg problem, had a good delay in Callanan, who fumbled for the ball Bennett injected.
Watford found himself equal.
Austin Gleeson then patted gilney on the shoulder, which seemed to be a signal for Watford to arrive.
Except that it was Kanin who raised the next white flag from the sideline cut, and Mahony canceled it for free because he fouled Jack Dillon Conor Whelan and then managed to super-
Stick to the point of Noel Connors.
Joe Cooney followed the matter with another photo and punished a poor Mehmet Favis for passing the ball.
Jamie Barron could have scored a point in 35 minutes, but he chose to try to exclude Moran just to be intercepted.
However, he did make a correction a few seconds later and backed up with another one when he finished --two with Walsh.
Watford\'s balloon was deflated, and when Shane Fives was seen as holding back Conor Kuni\'s game with Cunningham, his first free agent ensured Galway was in the game14 to 2-7.
In the two minutes of the second half, a Mahony free drew the game, and when Kanin answered with one of his own, the next pair were Mahony\'s, after working on the great Barron, get it from the game for the first time and get it from freedom for the second time.
In 43 minutes, Watford finally got ahead, but it didn\'t take long for Cunningham to foul Shane Favis on Neil Burke, who just played.
Mahony put Watford\'s nose in front again, and Maurice Shanahan fed the ball to him.
David Burke answered quickly, but Watford was leading again, and Mahoney pointed to John Hanbury\'s freedom to touch the ball on the ground. At 2-12 to 0-
17, it was Watford that made a better noise, and Moran looked like a dead certificate in order to set aside more space between the two sides, just to get the ball wide.
It turned out to be a fatal mistake because Neil Burke set things up again and added another second after a minute.
Watford is trying to get his ice hockey back.
In 51 minutes David Burke split the post at a free distance and he got the fourth three pointspoint gap.
Watford, make it a-by replacing Brian O\'Halloran and free Mahony-
Although Galway\'s reaction was almost instantaneous, Jason Flynn, another replacement, joined the scoring act. googletag. {});
Three minutes after his introduction, Tommy Ryan energized Watford\'s support.
However, just as Shane Fives seems to have won freedom after being refrigerated back, he seems to have been blown too muchcarrying.
Kanning does not need to invite free Conor Kuni to turn skillfully to another point, and when Flynn hits his second Galway he is already out of distance.
The other Mahony free did get Watford back in sight, but the Tadhg de B. Rca foul against Neil Burke made Kanin go above and beyond again at the last minute of the regulatory time
In the first minute, Mahoney responded again after Ryan was fouled, and when Watford was chasing a goal, Ryan did get blocked, but Galway wouldn\'t stop.
Nine different scorers, 19 from the game to Watford\'s 11 games, would be a shame if they were.
Galway\'s scorer: J. Canning (0-9, 0-6 frees, 0-1 sideline); David Burke (0-4); C. Cooney (0-3); C. Mannion, J. Cooney, N. Burke, J. Flynn (0-2 each); J. Coen, C. Whelan (0-1 each).
Watford\'s scorer: Pauric Mahony (0-11, 8 frees); K. Moran (1-1); K. Bennett (1-0); J. Barron (0-2); M. Walsh, B. O’Halloran, T. Ryan (0-1 each). GALWAY:C. Callanan;
Dane BurkeMannion; A. Harte; A. Tuohy, G. McInerney, J. Hanbury; J.
David Burke Cohen (c); J. Cooney, C. Mannion, J. Canning; C. Whelan, J. Glynn, C. Cooney. googletag. {});
Galway submarine: N. Burke for J. Glynn (43); J. Flynn for C. Mannion (55); S.
Maloney of David Burke69); WATERFORD:S. O’Keeffe; S. Fives, B. Coughlan, N. Connors; T. de Búrca;
Philip MahoneyBennett, D. Fives; J. Barron, K. Moran (c); M. Walsh, A.
Greeson, batinit; J.
Dillon, Pauric Mahony.
Watford\'s submarine: M.
Shanahan, Shane Bennett (inj 23); B.
J of O\'Halloran. Dillon (49); T. Ryan for M. Walsh (56); C. Dunford for J. Barron, P. Curran for K. Bennett (both 65). Referee:F. Horgan (Tipperary). googletag. {});
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