lasers rise as threat to retinas

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Gong negronieb.
The report has so far been scattered and anecdotal.
But eye doctors around the world warn that teenagers are playing high-
A powered green laser pointer may just be the first of them.
\"I\'m sure this is the beginning of a trend . \"
On last September, Swiss eye specialist Martin schmeed reported a case of this type in the New England Journal of Medicine.
Doctors say these pointers are also considered to be laser-targeted aircraft reports that have grown nine times in five years, making it easier to order online than ever before
Although they are 10 to 20 times more powerful than the statutory limits set by the Food and Drug Administration.
A spokeswoman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology said the organization was not aware of any increase in eye damage caused by laser.
But the doctors interviewed by the article said they werepowered lasers.
A high school student went to see a doctor a while ago. Robert G.
Joseph Berg, retina specialist at Valhalla Westchester Medical Center, NYY.
Complaining about a blind spot in his left eye.
The boy, who declined to be named, said the injury occurred when a friend waved a green laser pointer in front of him. (
It\'s not sure whether it will be completely cured. )Dr. advertising
Joseph Berg said he was skeptical about the story at first.
\"I don\'t believe that a green laser can cause damage,\" he said . \".
But it turns out that the power of the laser output is 50 milliwatts, 10 times that of F. D. A. limit.
When he investigated the patient,
Joseph Berg bought a 100 online-
Milliwatt pointer for $28.
He couldn\'t believe how easy it was.
\"I have been waiting to tell me the error message that I cannot complete the purchase,\" he said . \".
Like a household lamp, the laser is measured in watts, but the similarities are over here. A 100-
The visible light generated by the wattage incandescent lamp is about 5 watts; the five-
There is only one milliwatt laser
Very powerful.
But, according to Samuel M, since the light emitted by the bulb spreads and the beam is concentrated, the effect of five milliwatts on the eye is 10,000 times.
Laser expert, author of online guide Sam Laser FAQ Goldwasser. Dr. Jerald A.
Bovino of the American Retina Foundation said that the way the eyes focus will also enhance the intensity of the laser.
\"It will reach the center concave of the retina,\" he said . \".
The darker pigment in the central concave absorbs light as heat, rapidly increasing the temperature of the retina, just as the black car seat absorbs sunlight and becomes hot. Dr.
St. Kimia ziahossini.
Paul eye doctor at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital said the danger was very serious, not even the Royal Liverpool University. D. A. ’s five-
The milliwatt limit is too high.
\"The laser indicator sold to the public should be less than 1 milliwatt,\" she said . \".
\"Beyond that, criminals or people who don\'t know the risks are putting people at risk.
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In the consumer update in December, F. D. A.
The company said it was aware that illegal laser indicators were being sold and warned,\"
The power laser gives you less time to look before the damage occurs, and as the power increases, eye damage can occur in a second.
Health promotion officer daniel Hewett of the agency said in an e-ad
Mail, \"there are many products that do not meet the requirements that can be purchased from retailers, importers, and of course through the Internet.
He noted that the agency seized the product from an online store in Hong Kong, Wicked Lasers.
Steve Liu, president of evil laser, said in an interview that their products did not violate F. D. A.
Because there are more than five restrictions.
The milliwatt limit is not called a pointer.
In addition, he added, \"We are very clear on our web page that these lasers are not only dangerous to the eyes, but also to the fire.
Before the online checkout, he said, the company will start offering laser safety courses to customers.
Several laser experts said that the implementation of the regulations is not enough and the effect is not good.
\"This is a whole can of worms . \"
Goldwasser recalled that he had recently received a 100-
Milliwatt laser is a gift of evil laser.
Control all dangerous products-
From virtual stores to flea markets
It is impossible, he said.
Any remarks that limit availability will surely encounter resistance from large laser enthusiasts groups, including those who use them professionally (
Such as contractors and astronomers)
18-year-old amateuryear-
Old Alex Triano of Staten Island
Starting from middle school, with the permission of the parents, Sir
Triano has been wearing safety goggles to make lasers at home.
\"You have learned a lot in such a hobby: electronics, welding, physics,\" he said . \".
\"You learn light, you learn optics.
You also learned a lot of mechanical things.
\"Dr. laser damage
Sheppard Brian has seen him during training in alizmesa.
Including Red Laser, Laser enthusiasts like red laser.
Sanye considered passe.
Green is more easily perceived by the eye, and the beam is visible along its path.
But green lasers are also more dangerous.
Green is more easily absorbed by the retina than red, so it requires less exposure to cause damage. (Dr.
Brian\'s case involves 11 people. year-
As part of the endurance race, the old girl who focuses on the light and a young man who looks directly at the pointer. )
\"I haven\'t seen the popularity of injuries yet . \"
But the potential is there, he added.
\"In the hands of the children, this is a very terrible proposal.
On Tuesday, an article about high-risk warnings from eye doctors
The electric green laser indicator sold on the Internet incorrectly named the president of the evil laser company, saying that his company\'s products did not violate the restrictions of the Food and Drug Administration, because they are not called pointers.
He\'s Steve Liu, not Sam.
An article on Tuesday about eye doctors warning of high risk
The electric green laser indicator misrepresented part of the name of the Doctor\'s Association, whose spokesperson said it was unaware of any increase in eye damage caused by the laser.
It is the American Society of Ophthalmology, not the American Society of Ophthalmology.
A version of this article was printed on page 5 of the New York edition on March 1, 2011 with the title: laser threat to the retina.
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