laser tool monitoring. (in gear).

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Content: why should you pay attention to the LaserControl tool monitoring system: LaserControl uses a visible red light laser to do the following
Measurement of the length and diameter of the machine tool with minimal impact on the processing time and detection of tool breakage.
Position of all knives in multiple knives
When the tool rotates at full nominal speed, the tool can be monitored in both radial and axial directions, and any setting or clamping error can be quickly identified.
Blum says laser control is high-speed, high-
Speed and height
Precision Machining applications that require tool integrity.
Relevant data: the optical components are protected from chip and coolant by pneumatic shutter and air barrier.
The laser used is grade 2 VDE 0837 and no specific protective measures are required.
Many of the leading CNC controls have developed software measurement programs.
The measurement cycle procedures include: the length of concentric tools, tap drills, engraving needles and cutters, and eccentric tools such as end mills and face cutters.
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