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The laser is tuned to different wavelengths and is now used to relieve pain, stimulate healing, and even perform certain acupuncture procedures.
Since its discovery and use in medical and surgical operations 40 years ago, lasers have been primarily used to cut or burn cells or tissues to remove them from the body.
They are used in general surgery to remove things like tumors and cataracts, or to close blood vessels and (sometimes)
Reduce the nerve ends of postoperative bleeding and pain.
It is also used in cosmetic surgery to remove tattoos, stretch marks, sunspots, wrinkles, birthmarks, spider veins, and even unwanted hair.
However, lasers have also been used in recent years to temporarily relieve pain, stimulate healing and help people quit smoking.
Just recently, the technology has been approved and used in Malaysia.
Comparing it to a different frequency allows us to listen to our favorite TV channel, and Dr. Paul Ziemer, a Canadian chiropractor, describes the difference between a cut laser and a \"therapeutic\" laser.
\"It\'s like watching TV.
If you want to watch football, chances are you can only see it on the sports channel.
If you\'re watching a channel that plays Oprah all day, you won\'t watch it.
\"So if you want to work on the soft tissue of your body or have a therapeutic effect, you have to use a different type of laser,\" he said . \".
To understand the theory of laser, we must understand the source of it: light.
As far as the laser is concerned, light radiates at different speeds through different media (frequencies)
And wavelength.
Some of the radiation is visible in people\'s eyes, and some are invisible. (
\"White\" light is a combination of all seven colors or wavelength ranges in the visible spectrum that the human eye can perceive, while UV and X-rays
No light visible). Lasers (
Represents amplification of stimulated emission light from radiation)
It is basically a light focusing on one wavelength in a strong beam.
These beams carry energy that can be used to heat or cut off tissue in the body and initiate certain chemical processes within the cell.
The lasers used for surgery are usually those that contain high energy (
High frequency, short wavelength)
When the laser is used for treatment purposes such as pain relief (Also called low
Level of laser therapy (LLLT)
Bio-stimulus laser or cold laser)
Usually those with low energy (
Low frequency, long wavelength).
What the doctor or therapist will do is to shine these lasers on the skin above the affected area (
Pain or other injury)
Let the laser do their job.
\"In the process of developing a laser for pain ,(scientists)
\"They also found that they could use a specific wavelength between 900 and 90nm to stimulate the acupoints,\" Dr. Ziemer said . \".
\"So the development of laser acupuncture is not out of necessity, but out (
Our experience)
Treatment of muscle and tissue pain (with lasers),” he adds.
By allowing acupuncture doctors to stimulate acupuncture points (
Programs usually implemented by inserting needles into these points)
With lasers, they can use lasers for treatment, such as helping people quit smoking.
\"What we are doing is relaxing the nervous system of the body, so (smoker)
\"I don\'t feel the symptoms of stopping the drug,\" Dr. Ziemer said . \".
Dr. Ziemer said that in the process, the acupuncture doctor replaced the endorph with a chemical that stimulated the release of the acupoints-a chemical that gave smokers the excitement of smoking.
\"We will slowly wean you so you don\'t miss the chemicals (
You get it from smoking),” he explains.
Not routine: when the US Food and Drug Administration approves the use of several low
In 2009, the horizontal laser device used to temporarily relieve pain has not yet become a routine procedure for diseases that practitioners claim to be able to treat.
Some of these diseases include wrist tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, diabetic ulcers, chronic lower back pain, and arthritis.
Research institutes and hospitals such as the Ontario Cancer Institute and the Massachusetts General Hospital of Canada conducted studies on mice, suggesting that LLLT has a positive impact on the chemical processes that reduce pain and inflammation.
But so far, studies of the effectiveness of these therapies for pain and other chronic diseases in patients have shown different outcomes.
In a 2004 technical assessment report from the Department of Labor and Industry in Washington state, Grace Wang from the medical director\'s office concluded: \"While researchers have published a large number of articles on LLLT, the trials are usually small, LLLT is not compared with alternative therapy and a range of treatment parameters are applied.
\"In several trials, the placebo control group improved as much as the active laser group.
Therefore, the evidence does not fully demonstrate the validity of LLLT, \"the report continued.
Last year, after reviewing three randomized controlled trials, they could find low-
Laser treatment of chronic lower back pain, researchers from the medical center of the University of the Netherlands concluded in a July 2010 European Journal of Spine Review, lack of sufficient data to draw firm conclusions on the clinical effect of LLLT in the treatment of chronic lower back pain.
However, in another review published in the Journal of Orthodontics, angle orthodontics, in last September, researchers from Sichuan University, China, LLLT was found to be an effective way to relieve pain during pain intervention during fixed orthodontic device treatment (braces).
Despite these complex conclusions, the people who are treated have stories of success to tell.
Canadian-based parliamentary correspondent Richard Madan for CTV national television news conducted 30-
Minute treatment at the request of a former colleague (
Who did the laser treatment report).
He did not smoke for four consecutive months.
\"I gained weight in the first month (about 2kg)
But it disappeared.
\"I feel sleepy and depressed most of the time, but this is predictable,\" he said in an email . \"mail interview.
\"After the first few weeks, I noticed an improvement in my taste and smell.
I can really taste my food, my skin color is better and I find that I have more time during the day because I have no rest.
However, my level of energy has not changed, \"he continued.
Although he started smoking again after his holiday, he did not think it would reflect whether the treatment worked.
\"In the end, you have to quit smoking if you want to succeed,\" he said . \".
Shah Zarak Khan, general manager, Sdn Bhd, Quick Stop Solution (
A low-priced local dealer
Horizontal laser equipment for pain management and smoking cessation)
There are also personal stories to tell.
Two years ago, after a fall in the bathroom that caused the disc to slide around the neck, Shah was taking painkillers and various treatments to relieve the pain.
Unfortunately, the pain did not disappear.
\"I was in contact with my Canadian partner at the time because I was still working on the smoking cessation program (with the LLLT),” he recalls.
So when his Canadian partner, Dr. Paul Ziemer, shared with him that the laser could also help with pain management, Shah went to Canada for a week of neck treatment.
\"I feel much better. (And)
When I came back, I continued to exercise to strengthen my muscles.
\"At the moment, I don\'t need further treatment,\" he said . \".
In countries such as Canada, LLLT is an additional tool for professionals, provided by doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and acupuncture doctors.
However, for alternative therapists or health practitioners who are not medically trained, it is not advisable to provide such services, because only when a doctor is able to diagnose what is wrong with the patient, treatment works, says Dr. ziemer.
\"We also do not treat pregnant patients and patients with active cancer,\" he added . \".
Nevertheless, Dr. Ziemer also stressed that LLLT is a tool that is part of a larger program to achieve final outcomes such as pain relief and smoking cessation.
For example, people who sign up for the smoking cessation program also receive advice on nutrition counseling and changing habits.
\"This is part of everything you do,\" Dr. Zimmer said . \".
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