laser sensor technology.

by:UMeasure     2020-06-16
The company\'s Selcom SLS 5000 series has expanded the technical capabilities of Selcom smart sensors for rubber and tire manufacturers.
Improvements are designed to improve system performance, enhance quality control, and reduce system costs for all internal personnel
Process and final inspection operation.
According to the company, the intelligent sensor technology of Selcom SLS 5000 sensors integrates data acquisition and control software functions in the sensor head to improve efficiency and reduce system costs.
Extended features include customized sensor algorithm support, the ability to write \"software\" in an application, and high-speed stream RS-
According to the manufacturer, the 422 protocol is used for faster and more economical digital data communication.
Customized system algorithms and added \"internal software\" features allow the storage of raw data for up to three minutes in the sensor head.
Raw data is processed internally and the response after filtering is output for closed loop control and monitoring.
The system includes 32-
Bit-streamlined instruction processor with storage capabilities. (
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