Laser rangefinder is widely used in industry

by:UMeasure     2020-04-21
Laser rangefinder is widely used in industrial field. Laser rangefinder is designed, produced and tested in full accordance with industry standards. Laser has the advantages of strong directivity and high brightness. The principle of laser rangefinder is to determine the target distance by measuring the time it takes for the laser to return and leave the target. Application range of laser distance meter: First of all, it is difficult for ordinary photoelectric meter to measure objects that are not suitable for approaching. When the angle of the target is not fixed or the target is too bright, the predictability of the triangulation meter becomes worse, and the laser distance meter can complete the measurement. Second, the application in the field of automation solves the problem of remote measurement and detection in automatic detection and control methods. It can be used to measure the material level of the material bag, measure the distance and height of objects on the conveyor belt, measure the diameter of logs, etc. Three, speed, safety distance measurement, flow statistics. Bridge static deflection online monitoring system, tunnel overall deformation online monitoring system, tunnel key point deformation online monitoring system and mine hoist, large hydraulic piston height monitoring. Five, limit height measurement, building clearance measurement; Monitoring of safe berthing position of ships and positioning of containers.
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