Laser rangefinder helps Dalian Binhai Road wooden plank road confirm Guinness records

by:UMeasure     2020-04-21
The name of 'wooden plank road' is that where roads cannot be built on the mountain or by the sea, the road built with wood is called wooden plank road. Recently, Dalian has spent a huge sum of money to complete a 'wooden plank road' that is unparalleled in the world. Basically, more than 20 kilometers of the whole journey is made of expensive 'South American eucalyptus wood' and Russian anti-corrosion pine wood. The metrology institute of Dalian quality supervision bureau recently completed the accurate surveying and mapping measurement certificate of Binhai Road pedestrian Plank Road. The result is: the total length is 20. 99 kilometers, the widest 17. 18 meters, the narrowest 0. 85 meters, this set of data will become the most important reference for applying for Guinness book of China on Binhai Road pedestrian Plank Road. In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data, the technicians of the municipal Metrology Institute used the wheeled rangefinder and manually measured and confirmed it, and completed the measurement in one day. The wheeled laser rangefinder, as its name implies, relies on the rolling of the wheel for ranging, and the reading is intuitive and reliable. The display panel is connected to the handle (No need to bend over reading) The built-in calculator for measuring the distance between two walls can automatically calculate the conversion of area or volume unit: meter/foot/yard, square meter/square foot/square yard/acre, cubic meters/cubic feet/cubic yards and other working conditions.
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