Laser rangefinder can effectively prevent the crane from tipping over

by:UMeasure     2020-04-19
Technology and Information age make people distance from each other, and the distance between countries is narrowed. It seems that nothing can hinder the relationship between the two relationships, but it is indeed in production. Distance measurement is still a difficult problem to solve. For example, in the construction industry, tower crane is one of the most commonly used mechanical equipment. Tower cranes usually have larger lifting capacity, larger working range and higher lifting height. It can realize vertical and horizontal transportation of materials and has been widely used in the construction industry. This large mechanical equipment is used in buildings. This process does have its irreplaceable role. Help construction projects to be completed quickly and easily. Tower crane is a tower crane structure. This type of equipment is very complex and is accompanied by aerial work, so it is likely that a tower crane overturn accident will occur. On the one hand, these accidents will affect the construction progress of the project, on the other hand, it will also bring huge loss of life and property to the country and people. Therefore, in order to ensure safety and minimize the loss of life and property, a laser rangefinder is required. Auxiliary equipment is used for detection, and laser ranging is used for distance measurement. The state also has relevant regulations, tower crane equipment must be equipped with qualified testing equipment to pass the inspection. Both products have their shortcomings and disadvantages. Although the tower crane has the disadvantage of being easy to overturn during use, its strong bearing capacity still has an irreplaceable position in the construction industry. Is one of the commonly used equipment. Found that all products are not suitable in the process of use, and then after improvement, become more suitable for our use of products. The same is true of tower cranes. In order to solve the shortcoming that the tower crane is easy to overturn, adding a laser rangefinder on the tower crane and using laser ranging to prevent the tilt is the most common method to solve this problem, this method is now widely used. Application has been proved to be practical in practice.
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