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by:UMeasure     2020-04-11
New technologies that are entering the construction field are making this task painless in many ways.
Whether it\'s cordless machine, remote control, laser technology or 3-
D. Animation, builders guide them into their works every day.
It no longer requires an engineer or engineer, the A-100 of the way up and down with one or two distant pillarsmetre hall. Hand-
Held, the calculator type Laser Range machine can complete the work in an instant.
Press the button and the laser beam falling on the post in the distance will show the length or width on the small LCD display.
Feet and inches can be the same if needed.
These discoverers are particularly helpful in measuring the height inside a curved or sloping roof or stair well from every conceivable position.
The laser Range machine manufactured by Bosch can measure the distance between 40 and 250 and the price is between Rs. 4,500 and Rs. 38,000.
But that\'s not all.
There are many uses for laser technology. A tripod-
The installed laser leveling device can help engineers ensure the horizontal uniformity of the composite wall in a broad outdoor area.
Similarly, the floor surface laser can ensure the flatness of the floor and even detect small differences in the tileslaying.
If attached to the wall, they can also point out how smooth the wall is.
This technology has also helped Bosch to develop an angle measuring instrument and an angle measuring instrument that can accurately measure the angle between the two surfaces and even measure one degree.
These devices ensure that the two walls connected at right angles do not meet at 87 degrees. Shoulder-
In the past, hand-held demolition hammers often caused shoulder pain to workers.
Bosch is now launching vibration-
Free Hammer, two minutes off every 30 minutes for 8 hours in a row for demolition work.
Bangalore-insufficient rig
Entrepreneur Anil Kumar designed his own metal core
Drilling rigs that can be drilled into 50mm MS (mild steel)
It was done in just three minutes.
In order to start up, the machine will reduce waste, because the extracted metal will not appear in the file, but as solid debris, for the manufacture of nuts and bolts, not for sale as waste.
Anil, who earlier worked at Black & Decker, an American power tool manufacturer, set up his Bharat Electric Company in Peenya Industrial Zone, Bangalore, and developed the core-
Two years ago, the rig had sold 50 units in the Indian market.
According to him, the traditional platform rig weighs about one ton, while his equipment weighs only 19 kg kilograms.
Those who have been looking for an outdoor rig may find their prayers in Hitachi Koki\'s cordless battery --
Drilling rigs that can be taken to vessels on farms, deserts or rivers. Shock-
Prove that these can even work when it rains.
These are heavy duty machines and can also be used to tighten the bolts at a speed of 500 bolts per hour.
These can work for two hours in a row.
Ranjeet, sales engineer at Hitachi Koki, said the cordless rig was launched two years ago in the Indian market.
Large facilities such as air platform construction and maintenance Hall, shopping mall and factory shed need lifting platform to reach overhead electrical installation, air
Air conditioning pipes, even glass panels.
India has met this demand through an electric air platform that can reach an altitude of up to 18 m, although of all these facilities, facilities that can rise to four M are more popular.
L & T, ITC and even ISRO heavy engineering units have always been regular buyers with the right engineers,. R. M.
Vageesh, assistant marketing manager.
Although the hardware is changing with each passing day, the software is also beginning to enter the design and interior. Says Rajesh K. P.
Chief technology officer and founder of interactive 3-pixals
D. the sketch of the proposed residential and office space can be previewed through the animation on the computer until the final details, such as the color of the tiles, the walls, the slope of the roof, etc. , the door and window frame and the sink and flush, even the use of hinges, clips and nails. A start-
Rajesh founded his company in 2005 to allow architects to fully visualize in their buildings.
The technology also helps to fill the aesthetic gap.
Quality automation introduced in Portugal
Make segmented garage doors and stitch together seamlessly in segments.
Although the automatic sliding door has appeared for some time, the electric sliding door has recently appeared on the spot.
In the past decade, new gadgets and gadgets are expected to reduce human input and reduce the workload.
This will undoubtedly save the cost and waste of the builders.
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