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by:UMeasure     2020-04-12
What\'s better with the new laser level?First, it is much more accurate than traditional tools.Mid-Range to/-Digital level measurement0.The accuracy is 2mm when determining the height and measurement distance0.2% mm to 100 mtrs.Or take a rotating laser level for concrete pouring, grading and decoration;This provides 1.
Accuracy of 5mm/30 m.
It was all unimaginable just a few years ago.The second way the laser level is better is the number of types.Browse the website of any online survey supply store;The digital level is dazzling.
A wide variety, choosing the right type may seem daunting, but the advantage is that there is always a design that fits your purpose and is within budget.Here is a word about price for a simple reason.Depending on how complex it is and how it is used, the laser level may take between $20 and $12,000 or more.
Online survey supply stores offer discounts of 20 to 50% on well-known and well-known itemsknown brands.You can get an automatic green beam spinner for about $1,400 and save more than $800.On self-The online survey supply store offers a discount of about $150 and you can get this design for about $250.
Bear in mind the price factor;This will certainly help save some dollars.The laser level is useful for checking the level, setting the Plumb, Square operation, and alignment points.Therefore, the setting gradient of laying pipes, grading construction sites and pouring concrete is some of the tasks performed using digital level.
It is also useful when installing ceiling tiles or power outlets and falling ceilings.On agricultural land, levels help to set grades for proper drainage, alignment of fences and decks, and contour farming.For large area measurement, the laser level is of course the preferred tool.
Survey supply stores typically store four types of laser levels.Rotate the laser to shoot the rotation point horizontally to produce a 360 ° line, with vertical up and down, which can be used for most of the purposes already mentioned.Line laser horizontal projection of multiple horizontal and vertical laser lines at a distance of 20-2030 m for indoor and outdoor measurements.
Single line laser, only single line projection, useful for short distance.The point generation level is like the spiritual level;Take the laser point as a reference point.Professionals need automaticHorizontal, while small and indoor work can be done using manual horizontal.
So far we have seen where the laser level is \"better;Now it\'s time to see what the \"less\" side is.You need fewer workers;One person can complete the work of two or three people in a shorter period of time.You will save about 40% of your expenses in most jobs.
As already discussed, you know where the laser level costs less
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