laser beam was pointed at plane landing in winnipeg

by:UMeasure     2020-04-16
CBC News learned that earlier this week, someone directly targeted the green laser in the cockpit of the plane landing at Winnipeg airport on the ground in southern Winnipeg.
Air Canada\'s aircraft gave a green light in the cockpit, and the crew landed at Richardson International Airport around 4 in the morning. m.
CT Wednesday, according to the accident report.
The crew landed safely on the plane but had to check his eyes.
Permanent damage to the eyes may endanger the career of the pilot at pilot.
This device is probably a hand.
Handheld laser indicator from St
It is located in the Adolfo area about 25 kilometers south of Winnipeg.
\"This is not a good thing.
I don\'t appreciate it at all-
It\'s a safety hazard, \"said pilot Adam Penner.
According to their instructions, laser indicators are widely used and safe, but they can damage the retina if they are shot into someone\'s eyes, or cause temporary blindness or dazzling.
Mainly used in the green of astronomy, sending out the farthest light-
Some people can distract pilots flying up to 10,000 feet metres.
Astronomers Blair Colburn said he did not believe that someone would abuse his trading tools in this way.
\"They are idiots and are just looking for some form of glory,\" he said . \".
\"I don\'t understand the mentality of it, because it\'s really a kind of No to shoot down a plane. no.
\"Transportation disasters involving lasers occur more often.
According to the federal department, the laser has targeted the pilot 53 times in 2008
More than double the total number of events in 2007.
Only three cases were reported in 2006.
On Tuesday night, three different planes were laser-struck at Calgary airport.
Police are investigating the incident Wednesday morning.
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