jordan belfort\'s straight line system

by:UMeasure     2020-04-13
Joe Poland interview Jordan Belford
Wolf of Wall Street)
Who explained the straight line system?
You\'ll see how he sells prospects on what he finds during the qualifying phase, how he ensures that prospects believe in him and his company, etc.
Keep in mind that he has deceived people, some of whom are retired or other ordinary investors who need money.
So, leave the good, the bad.
Some are still po \'d: some think he has become better: how does Tommy Chong play a role in the book of Belfort and the subsequent film publication?
Belford was indicted and charged in 1998.
After working with the company, he spent 22 months in federal prison on a plan that cost investors about $0. 2 billion.
Belford was asked to pay back $110.
He cheated 4 million from stock buyers.
In prison, he met someone who encouraged Berford to write his story and publish it later.
They were still friends after they were released from prison.
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