iphone x affected by green line on oled display, some users say

by:UMeasure     2020-04-14
IPhone X, Apple\'s first
The screen smartphone finally got a share of its problems and complaints.
After some iPhone X users reported an unresponsive display problem in cold weather last week, it is reported that the new smartphone has developed at least a vertical green line in some units.
Several iPhone X users vented their frustration on Twitter.
An iPhone X user on Twitter even called the issue \"dead Green Line \".
\"Unfortunately for some iPhone X users, the Green Line on the display is thick and won\'t disappear by itself.
Most users who report the Green Line confirm that the Green Line runs from top to bottom on both sides of the screen.
Many iPhone X users claim that they have restarted or even reset the device, which does not help to eliminate the line.
MacRumors noted that at least 25 customers reported the issue on various forums, including the Apple support community.
Some users also added that the Green Line did not appear on the device from the beginning, but developed in a few days or weeks.
Some iPhone X users on the forum confirm that Apple is replacing the affected device for free, which means if you are one of the people who notice the green line, go and replace it right away.
We expect Apple to officially comment on this after a preliminary investigation.
TechCrunch speculated that the problem was related to the diamond submarine.
Pixel mode, which may be caused by electrical failure of some units.
We can safely say that this is only speculation at the moment and we should wait for official news from the company.
Just a few days after some users complained that the iPhone X screen was unresponsive, the new Green Line issue was only reported.
Apple has acknowledged the issue and promised to provide software updates for iPhone X users.
We assume that the iPhone X has finally ushered in the moment of \"antenna doors\" and \"curved doors\" that have plagued the previous generation of iPhones.
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