Introduction of safety measures for laser rangefinder

by:UMeasure     2020-04-20
1. Please confirm whether the laser rangefinder is damaged before use. If the rangefinder is found to be damaged, please contact the company directly for repair or replacement. 2. When the laser rangefinder is taken from an extremely cold environment to a warm environment (And vice versa) The rangefinder should adapt to the new environmental conditions before use. 3. Although the design of the rangefinder is suitable for harsh working environment, it should be maintained like other optical equipment. 4. Although the rangefinder has a moisture-proof function, if the applicable occasion is very humid, it still needs to install a protective cover or frequent maintenance. 5. Ensure the safety of the measuring site. When setting up the rangefinder, care should be taken to avoid aiming the beam at yourself or others. 6. Measurements made through glass plates or other transparent objects may not be accurate.
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